Bread Mixes - Additional Flavors Case of 12

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11/15/2020 by Alma

My family loves the bread. Will order again.


Artisan brew bread

10/19/2020 by Paula

My son and wife both enjoy different beer. They just moved to Boulder, Co so it was a perfect gift for their Anniversary. They loved it!!


Soberdough bread mix

9/12/2020 by Susan

I love this product so much! It is addictive! It is easy to make, has great texture and comes in a splendid variety of flavors. I like using beer in my mix but you don't have to -- as the directions say--any favorite carbonated beverage will work. Everyone should try this mix.


Love it.

8/30/2020 by Barbara

This bread was a gift to my son in law. He has sent me a photo of each loaf after he makes it. And continues to thank me all the time. He and his family enjoy the bread.



7/20/2020 by Sheila

easy to make and wonderful to consume! Gave several as gifts and everyone was very pleased with the results.


These breads are easy and fun to bake!

7/12/2020 by Cheri

We've tried "The Classic", "Rosemary", "Cheesy Garlic", "Sea Salt and Black Pepper"and "Green Chile Cheddar" so far. Our favorite is "Cheesy Garlic". This morning we'll be having "Cinnamon Swirl". What slays me is that baking these breads is so easy, it becomes fun! Unless the loaf you're making requires cheese or you want to experiment and add raisins, everything is in the bag. Just add beer (your favorite) or carbonated water, mix and bake. While the bread is baking the house smells wonderful and then, the bread tastes heavenly!



7/5/2020 by Frances

This mix makes great bread and it is so easy.
I added fresh blueberries to the cinnamon swirl. It turned out so good. Would make nice Christmas gifts.
Thank you



7/4/2020 by Teresa

Bought them for myself and a second set as a gift. They are very easy to make and very very yummy! I thought they sounded good but they were even better than I expected. Made the Hatch Chili and Cheddar for a chili dinner and everyone loved it! Will definitely purchase again for myself and as a gift. The receiver made all of them within a couple weeks. She thought it was a really clever gift and loved them all!


Bread Is The Staff Of Life

6/30/2020 by Jerry

I bought 3 of these gift packages for my grandsons. They LOVED them.
They are all great cooks and love their
beer. I wonder how much went in the


The best I ever made

6/30/2020 by Sue w

Wonderful. All the family loved it.

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The SoberDough Story

SoberDough - Artisan Brew Bread

What a mix

SoberDough artisan brew bread mixes are handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee by mother-and-son team Jordan Mychal and Veronica Hawbaker. Made with all-natural ingredients, fresh herbs, and seasonings, the kits are a super easy way to whip up a tasty loaf.

SoberDough is the result of Veronica encouraging Jordan's interest in business and helping him to learn by doing. It's well-balanced combination of his taste for craft beer and her passion for cooking. True to form, Jordan enjoys mixing bread with different beers to tweak the flavor while Veronica suggests adding your own ingredients like
sundried tomatoes, olives, or pepperoni. Not a beer drinker? Bubbly drinks like carbonated water, club soda, or sparkling cider can work, too. Any way you slice it, SoberDough is easy to bake and sure to please. Read More Read Less