Bread Mixes - Additional Flavors Case of 12

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Gifted & enjoyed by recipient

7/26/2018 by Debra

Easy to make & tasty is what I was told


Great gift

7/25/2018 by Deborah

Wonderful bread


Very Satisfied

6/25/2018 by Judith

My husband likes to make bread and he was surprised and delighted to receive this for a Father's Day gift.


Delicious & Easy

10/23/2017 by Claire

I bought these for my husband to make with our son who was 5 at the time. He's not much of a cook outside, but they both love bread & were interested in trying some cooking together. These breads were an easy way for them to do that, and they were delicious too! I whole heartedly recommend.


Love the breads!

5/11/2017 by Sarah

So very easy to make and very tasty!


Really Good!

10/12/2016 by Cindy

This bread is really good and super easy to make. I will definitely buy it again. I love the little bags that the mix comes in and was wondering if any of the more crafty ladies have figured out something cool to do with them?


Gave as gift with wonderful response

5/30/2016 by Alexis

We gave SoberDough as gifts to several family members this past Christmas. Everytime my mother makes a new batch, she lets me know how great the breads are. My family is a big fan. Great product. Thanks!


a gift for friends and family!

12/21/2015 by tommy

i always try to buy cleaver and fun gifts for people and scored high with this one! great results with this one! i might order one for myself now.


Fastest bread on the planet!

10/26/2015 by Tom

Baked my first loaf using a seasonal beer and couldn't be happier with the results! looking forward to experimenting with different types of beer until I perfect the best tasting bread! Great job keep up the good work!



10/11/2015 by Anonymous

This bread is so good & so easy to make. I am taking a couple of packets for Thanksgiving to make with my little niece. I am glad I bought 2 samplers so I have some for Christmas as well.

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The SoberDough Story

SoberDough - Artisan Brew Bread

What a mix

SoberDough artisan brew bread mixes are handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee by mother-and-son team Jordan Mychal and Veronica Hawbaker. Made with all-natural ingredients, fresh herbs, and seasonings, the kits are a super easy way to whip up a tasty loaf.

SoberDough is the result of Veronica encouraging Jordan's interest in business and helping him to learn by doing. It's well-balanced combination of his taste for craft beer and her passion for cooking. True to form, Jordan enjoys mixing bread with different beers to tweak the flavor while Veronica suggests adding your own ingredients like
sundried tomatoes, olives, or pepperoni. Not a beer drinker? Bubbly drinks like carbonated water, club soda, or sparkling cider can work, too. Any way you slice it, SoberDough is easy to bake and sure to please. Read More Read Less