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Bread Mixes Case of 12

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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a gift for friends and family!

12/21/2015 by tommy

i always try to buy cleaver and fun gifts for people and scored high with this one! great results with this one! i might order one for myself now.


Fastest bread on the planet!

10/26/2015 by Tom

Baked my first loaf using a seasonal beer and couldn't be happier with the results! looking forward to experimenting with different types of beer until I perfect the best tasting bread! Great job keep up the good work!



10/11/2015 by Anonymous

This bread is so good & so easy to make. I am taking a couple of packets for Thanksgiving to make with my little niece. I am glad I bought 2 samplers so I have some for Christmas as well.



9/26/2015 by Mark

Have only tried the Cinnful Raisn so far but it was delicious !
Can't wait to try the others.

Oh Ya…..very easy to cook up



8/8/2015 by Lisa

So easy to make and so delicious.



1/5/2015 by shannon

I could just leave it at "WOW," but I suppose a review with a little more info would be helpful. :) Not only is the product absolutely amazing (you can smell the deliciousness through the packaging), their customer service is stellar. There was a hiccup with USPS (if you can call running over a package with a vehicle a hiccup!) and the products were completely ruined. Not only did this company send me a replacement, they overnighted it so it would be here in time for the holidays. I am beyond impressed and will definitely be back to buy from them in the future. I hope they filed a claim with the postal service and get every bit of their money back for the damaged goods. I know how hard it is run a small business and keep your customers happy as your business grows, however Soberdough seems to have it down both in regards to quality of product as well as customer support. Do not hesitate, buy your Soberdough (before I do!) :)



1/4/2015 by Holly

I gave this as a Christmas gift this year and what a hit! I've heard that it was easy to make and delicious to eat. They have only made one of the loaves, but it was so good that they can't wait to make the rest. I think this will become a yearly gift.


delicious bread

11/12/2014 by Dawn

i have only made 1 loaf so far, but it was easy and delicious. we loved it. I would buy again and highly recommend to anyone and I would also suggest buying as gifts. easy to make. I was on a diet so I used carbonated water. perfect


Terrific Bread

5/12/2014 by Sue

So easy to make and so tasty! I'll be ordering again soon!


fantastic find

5/9/2014 by Jackie

Wonderful, easy, and even if you can't bake bread---you need to try this. The best bread ever! I bought one sampler pack for a friends housewarming. Then I bought more for me too!

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The SoberDough Story

SoberDough - Artisan Brew Bread

What a mix

You don’t have to be a master baker to make your own delicious bread. All you need to do is crack open a brew and combine it with your choice of delicious SoberDough bread mixes. Stir, bake, and serve. No cooking skills required and it only takes one hour.

Handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee by mother and son Jordan Mychal and Veronica Hawbaker, these artisan brew quick bread mixes contain 100% all-natural ingredients, fresh herbs, and seasonings. No preservatives or artificial flavoring. SoberDough comes in a variety of distinctive flavors such as Green Chili Cheddar, Roasted Garlic, and
Cinnful Raisin as well as more traditional options like Original White and Honey Wheat.

Jordan Mychal has always been interested in business and since his entrepreneurial mom Veronica believes in learning by doing she offered to help Jordan Mychal start a company. Combining Jordan Mychal’s taste for craft beer and Veronica’s passion for cooking, they came up with the idea for SoberDough. True to form, Jordan Mychal enjoys mixing SoberDough with different types of beer to vary the flavor while Veronica suggests adding your own ingredients like sundried tomatoes, olives, or pepperoni. Other bubbly drinks such as non-alcoholic beer, carbonated water, club soda, or sparkling cider can also be substitued. Any way you slice it, SoberDough is easy to bake and sure to please.
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