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Soggy Doggy

Large Doormats

Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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The Best!!

3/11/2016 by Elizabeth

Love the soggy doggy doormat!! It keeps my floors so much cleaner and my three labs even like to take a nap on it!


It's our new entry rug

12/31/2015 by Teri

Got this to combat wet paws and muddy shoes. Does great for both. Dog lies on it now and then, and will roll on it when wet. We used to put down a large towel. This is better. Laundered fine.
Have to keep it from door opening tho. Very thick. And like all throw rugs, have to straighten it out occasionally. For the price, I'm expecting it to last, so by this time next year, I'll have used it thru 4 seasons and will know for sure. ☮


Love it!!

12/22/2015 by Mary

I bought this for my neighbor for Christmas, but gave it to her early due to all the rain Calif. if getting. She Loves it. I love it. I intend to get one for myself after Christmas!!


Best doggy mat

12/14/2015 by Emily

Love it. That is why I bought a second one.


No Bones To Pick

12/9/2015 by Mary Anne

Great doormat, even for those without a dog but who wanted to adopt one (and was told I was too old). Keeping it as a reminder of little Diesel who will never get to use it.



11/23/2015 by Jacquelin

I have 5 dogs so this mat sees a lot of use, wonderful product. Well made, attractive, great feel.
Versatile .... works just as well with human feet.
Thank You.


Another great purchase!

11/5/2015 by Susan

Bought the Soggy Doggy Shammy which I love and also love this doormat. I use it as a bath mat outside of the shower where I bath our Golden. As soon as I let him out of the shower, he immediately heads for the mat and rubs his body on it. So, by the time he's finished, he's almost dry! And the Soggy Doggy Shammy dries the rest of him!


Dirt grabber

10/29/2015 by Vickie

I really like this doggy rug. Does a wonderful job grabbing dirt and grime from my dog. Keeps his paws cleaner, therefore my floors are cleaner.


Buy 2

10/26/2015 by Sandy

Wow, amazing! The dogs walk across it as they come in the door, and come out the other end with dry paws!
I need to get another, so one can be on the floor while one is in the wash!


Greatest Doormat EVER!!!

9/25/2015 by Brenda

I live in an area with very little rainfall, but with a whole lotta sand! I have 2 big dogs that bring in a lot of it too! This doormat was placed in front of the doggy door and it has literally saved me from having to vacuum up tons of sand! It has trapped a lot of hair also! I haven't washed it yet, it still looks great, but I'm sure it needs shaking out! My Great Pyreness likes to lay on it also! I have an old calico cat that also lays on it. I know it will save me also when it does finally rain from them bringing in the wet sand! I am so glad I bought this gem! It works so much better than any mat I've EVER used!

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The Soggy Doggy Story

Soggy Doggy UpdateDec2016 V3

Paw Patrol

Tired of dirty, wet paw prints all over your house? Joanna Rein remembers feeling that way.

Despite stockpiling rags and towels by the backdoor, her four young kids could never tackle their dog Buddy’s wet paws when he came in from the yard. She wanted an easy way to clean and dry Buddy without creating a huge mess, and she was inspired by two things: the tiny chamois towel she saw a swimmer using at a swim meet, and the soft, dangling brushes in a car wash. It took some experimentation (and help from a patient tailor) before Joanna perfected a simple, practical solution for wet paws that even
Buddy likes using.

The secret is in the “noodles,” the textured strands of microfiber chenille that are woven together to create Joanna’s Soggy Doggy Doormat and Soggy Doggy Super Shammy. These shaggy textiles soak up water and trap dirt like a sponge. And they really work. The doormat can absorb 5 times more water than a regular cotton doormat, and it easily doubles as a crate pad, car mat or couch cover. The Super Shammy—which has hand pockets so you can get a firm grip when you’re toweling off your pooch—can hold up to seven times its weight in water.

Dogs love the softness, while we love the durability (just toss in the washer and dryer). It’s the best reward for a wet romp.
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