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Soggy Doggy

12/7/2015 by Jane

Works very well. But my puppy thinks it's a wrestling toy and not something to dry her with.


Doggy Shammy is absorbent

12/4/2015 by Tom

Thus was actually a gift purchase but upon receipt I inspected it and felt it was a really good product that delivered on statements of super absorbent and large enough to use on just about any dog.



11/27/2015 by Helen

This shammy dog towel is all it is purported to be! My sheltie has thick long fur which easily gets wet in the grass on our walks, as well as, muddy. With the shammy I clean her up easily - fur and paws - and thenjust hang the towel up on a coat rack to dry. I have used it multiple times before needing to
wash it. I would like to see this shammy in a larger size; although it's just large enough for my dog, I'm not sure it would work as well on larger dogs. I do highly recommend it!



11/23/2015 by Jacquelin

Awesome product, works exactly as described!
My dogs enjoy being 'rubbed' with this shammy as part of their daily quest for attention.
Thank you, long over due.


dog's best friend

11/7/2015 by ANDREA

3 Norwich terriers and a rainy environment make for some unhappy moments. The guys used to run at the site of towels shaking water and mud everywhere. Now with the super shammy they run to me…..even when they are dry and just want a rub-down. Holds lots of water does not drip or get sloppy, washes well. The hand pockets allow you a good grip and ability to get into the creases and crevices. This is an amazing product!


Best Purchase Ever!

11/5/2015 by Susan

Love, love, love this shammy! And our Golden Retriever seems to love it too! Really does a good job drying his fur and the pockets on the side make it easy to hold the towel to dry his underbelly and the rest of his body. Highly recommend!


Love Love Love

11/4/2015 by Wanda

I have three dogs, two with longer hair. The Soggy Dog shammy works great! Usually I can dry off all three if they have had a good shake before I start drying. I plan on getting 1 more and buying one as a gift!


Great product

10/14/2015 by Judith

This is wonderful for drying my Shih Tzu's after their baths or when coming in from rainy weather.


Love it

10/12/2015 by Michael

Great design built well thanks



10/12/2015 by Craig

Dog loves it

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The Soggy Doggy Story

Soggy Doggy UpdateDec2016 V3

Paw Patrol

Tired of dirty, wet paw prints all over your house? Joanna Rein remembers feeling that way.

Despite stockpiling rags and towels by the backdoor, her four young kids could never tackle their dog Buddy’s wet paws when he came in from the yard. She wanted an easy way to clean and dry Buddy without creating a huge mess, and she was inspired by two things: the tiny chamois towel she saw a swimmer using at a swim meet, and the soft, dangling brushes in a car wash. It took some experimentation (and help from a patient tailor) before Joanna perfected a simple, practical solution for wet paws that even
Buddy likes using.

The secret is in the “noodles,” the textured strands of microfiber chenille that are woven together to create Joanna’s Soggy Doggy Doormat and Soggy Doggy Super Shammy. These shaggy textiles soak up water and trap dirt like a sponge. And they really work. The doormat can absorb 5 times more water than a regular cotton doormat, and it easily doubles as a crate pad, car mat or couch cover. The Super Shammy—which has hand pockets so you can get a firm grip when you’re toweling off your pooch—can hold up to seven times its weight in water.

Dogs love the softness, while we love the durability (just toss in the washer and dryer). It’s the best reward for a wet romp.
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