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Surprisingly thirsty

4/26/2015 by Kimberly

Wow! What a surprise. I thought it would work at least as well as a regular towel but it works so much better. I used it after giving my large dog a bath, she is a lab mix, and her coat was so dry she didn't need to shake. The towel wasn't dripping all over either. I really recommend this product to all dog owners.



4/21/2015 by LYNETTE

Love this product!

My dog loves walking/playing in the rain and being as she is a Australian Shepard/Husky mix, she absorbs water like a sponge. Towels are basically a waste of time and she pulls them from me and runs away because she gets inpatient with the drying ritual. The Soggy Doggy is an effortless and quick fix for a wet and feisty pup. It dry quicky, as well, so I can use it several times in a short period of time!
GREAT INVENTION. We both love it!


Soggy Doggy Supper Shammy

4/17/2015 by Londa

I was floored! My mini schnauzer loved it! My first chance to use it was a rainy day while we were walking. I know she hates to be dried off with a towel. When I brought her in and started using the Supper Shammy, she loved the rub down! She stood still and let me dry her feet and face and then wanted more! I was surprised at how absorbent it is. It even worked for the snowballs she gets in her hair when it snowed a couple of weeks later. What an amazing thing this is. I love it. It hangs by the door so whatever the weather, we are ready.



4/15/2015 by Kurt

Good product works as advertised


Top grade

4/14/2015 by Karen

Wow! I really like this product!


wonderful product

4/9/2015 by Olivia

This is amazing. so easy to use and really gets your animals dry. Not bad for drying up water drips that messy dogs leave after drinking from their water bowl. :)


my dog loves this shammy

3/25/2015 by sharon

The shammy really soaks up the snow and rain on my dog from roaming in the yard. My dog thinks this is a great toy and loves to be dried with it!



3/24/2015 by Gail

So very handy


Perfect shammy

3/21/2015 by Rose

I think our dog is going out in the rain more just so he can get rubbed down with the shammy when he comes in. Works great in getting him dry and mud free. It's easy to hold onto and is the perfect size for our dog. Thank you!!


Great groduct

3/20/2015 by Mary

Great product! Bought 2 as gifts. They are amazing! Will highly recommend to anyone with pets!

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The Soggy Doggy Story

Soggy Doggy UpdateDec2016 V3

Paw Patrol

Tired of dirty, wet paw prints all over your house? Joanna Rein remembers feeling that way.

Despite stockpiling rags and towels by the backdoor, her four young kids could never tackle their dog Buddy’s wet paws when he came in from the yard. She wanted an easy way to clean and dry Buddy without creating a huge mess, and she was inspired by two things: the tiny chamois towel she saw a swimmer using at a swim meet, and the soft, dangling brushes in a car wash. It took some experimentation (and help from a patient tailor) before Joanna perfected a simple, practical solution for wet paws that even
Buddy likes using.

The secret is in the “noodles,” the textured strands of microfiber chenille that are woven together to create Joanna’s Soggy Doggy Doormat and Soggy Doggy Super Shammy. These shaggy textiles soak up water and trap dirt like a sponge. And they really work. The doormat can absorb 5 times more water than a regular cotton doormat, and it easily doubles as a crate pad, car mat or couch cover. The Super Shammy—which has hand pockets so you can get a firm grip when you’re toweling off your pooch—can hold up to seven times its weight in water.

Dogs love the softness, while we love the durability (just toss in the washer and dryer). It’s the best reward for a wet romp.
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