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Great Product

3/19/2015 by Don

When I got the shammy it had been snowing pretty hard and I have a Pom and a CockerSpringer mix that love to play in the snow. What was so great about the shammy I was able to wipe down very wet dogs several times in a day to dry them off very quickly thanks to the handy pockets. Before it would take several towels to dry them off and as you know dogs don't stand still for very long. Great product for those who have dogs who love to play in mud or water.

Don L. Colorado Springs, CO


Better than the description!

3/18/2015 by Renee

I have 4 dogs and bought the Soggy Doggy to try out on my "pack". This thing is like a sponge! I live in an area that receives about 65 inches of rain per year and dogs coming in and out are just a fact of life. With towels, I had to have a dozen by the back door because a wet towel just doesn't soak up the rain. The Soggy Doggy will hold about 3 large towel's worth of a wet dog.

I liked it so well that I bought more for me and more for friends and family ... Everyone who has tried them LOVES them ... especially the dogs! Soaks up the moisture FAST and they get a mini-massage at the same time! Launders well, too!


Great product!

3/18/2015 by Ronald

This is great! We ordered 2 this time, but we already had one that we had ordered earlier. So much nicer than trying to dry them with towels - and our dogs like this better! We just throw them in the washer when we are done, and then let them line dry. Great product!



3/18/2015 by Patrick

Purchased two Super Shammys. They were a big hit with my labs who seem to find every mud puddle in the county. Easy to use. Great product.


Great Product

3/12/2015 by Stephen

We have 15 pound dog and this is the perfect drying cloth for him. it soaks up water really well and having the hand pockets is great for drying all around him. It soft enough that he even lies on it when it's dry. You and your dog should both enjoy this.


These Are Great

3/10/2015 by Gail

Fabulous! The best! Gets all the wetness and grime without rubbing hard. My dog walker wants to get some for gifts for some of her clients. These are an example of why I love Grommet--answers to problems you have but didn't know it.


He loves it

3/8/2015 by kim

My dog would come in from the rain, soaked, he would wait for us to fetch a towel, once we were done then he would shake off. The towel would be saturated and you couldn't tell he had been dried prior to shaking. Now with the SOGGY DOGGY SUPER SHAMMY, it's just the opposite. That's one thirsty shammy, he loves us drying him off with it and comes back for more. No more wet walls, furniture, and dog. Thanks. It's made well, and it's super thirsty.


Soggy Doggy

3/7/2015 by Joan

Really like the super shammy. Absorbs lots of moisture quickly and dog seems to like the feel of it. The pockets make it easy to use.


very nice

3/5/2015 by Kim

I got my towels back, which are ineffective for truly drying my lab, I like this ... it is smaller than the towel and more effective. Thank you!


A great product

3/3/2015 by Pamela

My dog and I enjoy this shammy. Works great.

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The Soggy Doggy Story

Soggy Doggy UpdateDec2016 V3

Paw Patrol

Tired of dirty, wet paw prints all over your house? Joanna Rein remembers feeling that way.

Despite stockpiling rags and towels by the backdoor, her four young kids could never tackle their dog Buddy’s wet paws when he came in from the yard. She wanted an easy way to clean and dry Buddy without creating a huge mess, and she was inspired by two things: the tiny chamois towel she saw a swimmer using at a swim meet, and the soft, dangling brushes in a car wash. It took some experimentation (and help from a patient tailor) before Joanna perfected a simple, practical solution for wet paws that even
Buddy likes using.

The secret is in the “noodles,” the textured strands of microfiber chenille that are woven together to create Joanna’s Soggy Doggy Doormat and Soggy Doggy Super Shammy. These shaggy textiles soak up water and trap dirt like a sponge. And they really work. The doormat can absorb 5 times more water than a regular cotton doormat, and it easily doubles as a crate pad, car mat or couch cover. The Super Shammy—which has hand pockets so you can get a firm grip when you’re toweling off your pooch—can hold up to seven times its weight in water.

Dogs love the softness, while we love the durability (just toss in the washer and dryer). It’s the best reward for a wet romp.
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