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where was this all my life

4/7/2017 by ellen

This light has changed my life and has ended all those grumbling impatient shoppers behind me in line at the checkout counter waiting for me to find my wallet. This light is remarkable. It's as if it know exactly how long to stay lighted. It reads my mind. It barely weighs anything and yet, it adds so much.

In a movie theater, it illuminated the contents of my handbag without spilling light anywhere else.

Really, it's my new best friend. Thank you for manufacturing this.


Let there be light!

2/28/2017 by Paula

I love how this light knows just when to go on and off.
It greatly helps me with my black purse!


This was a great hit for Valentine's Day

2/24/2017 by Tim

My wife (and our grandchildren) really liked this item...almost as much as my wife liked it. The light is very bright and turns on as soon as it is touched. Opening the light is also very easy for battery replacement. All you do is put it between your palms as if you are praying, then press inwards and turn in a counter-clockwise direction. You will feel a slight click and when you open your hands each hand will have half of the light in it.


Handy little gadget!

2/18/2017 by Lee

I was always looking for something in my purse, even though I am an organized "neatnic"! This light has helped me find
things quickly. It's not so bright that it disturbs anyone (like in a theater) I just love mine, and bought one for my BFF's birthday!


Gave this as a birthday gift to a friend and she loves it.

2/6/2017 by Margaret

Gave as birthday gift for a friend she loves it and she is showing it off any chance she gets. It is great. Four or five stars.


Wife loves it!

1/31/2017 by Dave

I was not sure how my wife would feel about this, but in the few times I searched for stuff in her bag, I knew she needed it. Well not only did she loves it, but all of her friends did too. Now they all have one and they work beautifully.

Another excellent find on grommet. Keep bringing the cool items, guys!



1/30/2017 by Linda

No more grappling or shaking of your handbag but a touch of the light makes you look like a genius of organization as you swiftly produce the darn thing you were looking for.....


Repeat Purchase

1/26/2017 by Carolyn

I bought two before Christmas and then realized I should have gotten more. Perfect gifts for the ladies!


Great item

1/19/2017 by Janell

I bought several of these as gifts and one for myself. What a clever idea. So lightweight and useful for people who carry large bags.


Love it.

1/13/2017 by Lynn

Stays lit just long enough then shuts itself off.

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The SOI Story

SOI - Sensor Bag Light

Reach & See

Rummaging around blindly for something in your bag or backpack is a thing of the past. Say hello to SOI.

SOI is the world’s first automatic bag light. Put it in your purse, briefcase, or backpack and, when you reach in to grab something, SOI instantly lights up. This little disc has detection technology that recognizes when a hand is nearby and turns on. Then it automatically shuts off a few moments after you remove your hand.

Founders Christian Schech and Bastian Wetzel came up with the idea for SOI during a power failure at a folk festival. They looked around at all the women using cigarette
lighters or cell phones to look inside their bags, and knew there had to be a better way.

SOI weighs less than 1.5 ounces and is easy to transfer from bag to bag. It’s hands-free, energy efficient, and sustainably produced—nearly all of the materials used to make SOI are 100% recyclable. After 3,000 or so cycles, just replace the batteries.

Save yourself time and hassle, and let SOI make your life a little easier (and a little brighter).
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