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8/18/2015 by Charles

Gave it as a gift to family member; she seemed delighted.



8/16/2015 by Paul

Seems to work very well for my wife's enormous handbag! :)


Excellent gift for my friend

8/14/2015 by Martie

My co-worker just bought a huge handbag and she mentioned never having one quite that big. Saw this on Grommet & thought - what a perfect gift! She loves it!


Pretty great!

8/9/2015 by Mary

I've found that it turns on a bit more often than I actually require it - It's triggered by other things in my purse. That said, it's a godsend. I've been very happy every single day since I put this in my purse! I have a lot of things that "feel" similar when digging around in my purse, like 2 sets of keys, lighters & lipsticks, coins & guitar picks... so I've been needing something like this for a long time. Cute packaging too.


Gift for sister

8/8/2015 by Misty

She says she loves it and is frequently asked where she got it. Has handed out a piece of paper with a link to this website more than a few times!



8/7/2015 by Sandra

This is very unique and makes a great gift. You have to get your hand somewhat close before it lights. How many of us have been in a movie theatre or some other place trying to feel for something in your purse. Now you can see but it doesn't give enough light to bother anyone else. I plan to buy more for gifts.


Love this light!

7/25/2015 by Connie

I bought 2 of these -- one for me and one as a gift. I'm debating whether to actually give one of the two away! I love 'em!


Soi light

7/21/2015 by Demetrius

Great product! I use for the inside of my motorcycle saddle bags. Perfect amount of light and easily mounted with Velcro strips to back of back. Thank you grommet for bringing such good innovative products to light! I highly recommend this product!


A huge hit

7/20/2015 by Kimberly

Every time a friend has marveled at this light I've handed it to her and re-ordered it. I'm less generous now and just send the link but I already know what all of my female clients are getting for Christmas this year!



7/20/2015 by rainer

my wife scoffed when i handed her the lit sphere. a week later, after carrying it around in the duffel size bag she carries, she thanked me. sometimes women just need to experience love before they believe it.

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The SOI Story

SOI - Sensor Bag Light

Reach & See

Rummaging around blindly for something in your bag or backpack is a thing of the past. Say hello to SOI.

SOI is the world’s first automatic bag light. Put it in your purse, briefcase, or backpack and, when you reach in to grab something, SOI instantly lights up. This little disc has detection technology that recognizes when a hand is nearby and turns on. Then it automatically shuts off a few moments after you remove your hand.

Founders Christian Schech and Bastian Wetzel came up with the idea for SOI during a power failure at a folk festival. They looked around at all the women using cigarette
lighters or cell phones to look inside their bags, and knew there had to be a better way.

SOI weighs less than 1.5 ounces and is easy to transfer from bag to bag. It’s hands-free, energy efficient, and sustainably produced—nearly all of the materials used to make SOI are 100% recyclable. After 3,000 or so cycles, just replace the batteries.

Save yourself time and hassle, and let SOI make your life a little easier (and a little brighter).
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