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Love It

7/15/2015 by Paula

these lights are fantastic ... I have one in my purse and one on my night stand ... what I love so much is it won't turn on unless your hand goes over it, so while in your purse, ir won't go on if other items in your bag touch it ... great gift too


I like it

7/15/2015 by Richard

This is one of the best products I've seen in a long time. This thing has so many more use s. Great job!



7/15/2015 by Eleonore

I love it


One Day Star

7/14/2015 by James Reif

It is hard for me to review a product like this. It won't fit in my billfold! But, I have seen my wife on numerous night outings in restaurants, digging in her purse hunting for who knows what. I thought of this when I saw the handbag light and went for it. The light came and there were no holidays, birthdays or celebrations to justify giving it to her. No one gives a present without a reason. I said the hell with it and just gave it to her. After the usual comments of "why", or what did you do, I just said I thought it was neat and you could use it. I was a star for one day. She does like it and immediately put it in her purse.


love this light!

7/14/2015 by deb

i previously had another light in my bag. i would always have to find it to turn it on and see what i was looking for. sometimes i really needed a light to find my light! this one is great! its very sleek and lights up when i put my hand in my bag so i don't need to feel around for my light. its not so bright that it ruins your vision at night or in the movies but its bright enough to find anything you need! i was at jury duty and had to go through the security line and the officer looked in my bag and actually used the light to see inside my bag!


Fantastic gifts

7/13/2015 by Catherine

I got these as gifts, I haven't given them yet, but know that they will be loved by all three that are receiving them. Now I wish I had gotten one for myself!


great idea!

7/13/2015 by Diana

I carry a large bag, with a lot of undifferentiated space. The light makes it so much easier to locate things in the abyss, and short-circuits the "Where's my______?" panic. It hasn't responded inappropriately to other motion, lights only when I actually reach into the dark depths.


Small Light for bags

7/13/2015 by lorena

This is a great help when you have tight places in a bag that need illumination. Not huge but not too small, this light helps you identify what is in the bag so you can locate what you need. Great for getting things quicker so you are not making yourself a target for swiping your phone or wallet.


Excellent idea!

7/13/2015 by Hazel

Why hasn't anybody thought of this before??? (And why are the insides of handbags always a dark color? But that's another topic.) The SOI Handbag Light performs brilliantly, and I am not eternally digging stuff out of my purse. Thank you! Or, to the Germans who came up with this: vielen herzlichen Dank!


Ingenious !

7/13/2015 by Cindy

This was a gift for a friend who carries large purses and can never find anything.....she loves it!!!

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The SOI Story

SOI - Sensor Bag Light

Reach & See

Rummaging around blindly for something in your bag or backpack is a thing of the past. Say hello to SOI.

SOI is the world’s first automatic bag light. Put it in your purse, briefcase, or backpack and, when you reach in to grab something, SOI instantly lights up. This little disc has detection technology that recognizes when a hand is nearby and turns on. Then it automatically shuts off a few moments after you remove your hand.

Founders Christian Schech and Bastian Wetzel came up with the idea for SOI during a power failure at a folk festival. They looked around at all the women using cigarette
lighters or cell phones to look inside their bags, and knew there had to be a better way.

SOI weighs less than 1.5 ounces and is easy to transfer from bag to bag. It’s hands-free, energy efficient, and sustainably produced—nearly all of the materials used to make SOI are 100% recyclable. After 3,000 or so cycles, just replace the batteries.

Save yourself time and hassle, and let SOI make your life a little easier (and a little brighter).
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