Souper Cubes

Soup & Stock Silicone Freezer Tray - 2 Pack Case of 12

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Souter cubes freezer tray.

10/19/2020 by Cheryl

These are great, I used them for beef bone broth, I had the frozen cubes of broth and when I made my homemade beef stew, just popped them in the pan and let them thaw. The lids make them leak proof.


Not Just for Soup

10/11/2020 by Susan

These are perfect for freezing chopped vegetables as well. Right now I'm using them for home-grown tomatoes (that actually taste like tomatoes!) for later use, and they work perfectly for that.


Fantastic product

10/3/2020 by Judith

This is in constant use. I have purchased a second for myself and sent one to a farming friend in Ireland. She loves it too. I have a freezer full of bricks of soup, ragu, lemonade concentrate.


Very useful

9/23/2020 by Lakshmi

I am very happy with these freezer trays. Easy to us and stackable.



9/7/2020 by Pamela

I bought a pair of these, one for me and one for mom. She makes soup all the time and I have started batch cooking so I use them now too. They are easy to fill, easy to chill, and easy to empty. I highly recommend them.


Terrific Product

8/10/2020 by Patricia

This is a well made product and works like a charm. Turn it upside down - frozen stuff pops right out! I put them in a plastic bag & freeze some more! Highly recommend.


These are great!

7/26/2020 by Salli

I have 4 of them. After trying out my first one I ordered 3 more! I use them for soup, stews, pasta sauce, gravy, etc. They work perfectly and I love having them.



7/21/2020 by Jeanne

Brilliant idea! Saves me space in my freezer, makes thawing easier because of portion size.


Handy soup freezer storage

7/21/2020 by Janis

I love to make big batches of soup. This container allows me to freeze single servings, then pop them into a reusable silicone bag. Then they take up less space than in glass containers.


Great product!

7/21/2020 by Donna

I've become a big fan of silicone compartmented freezer trays, and this is one of the best. I use it for bone broth, soups, spaghetti sauce and other liquids. It's really nice to have homemade, organic products available for cooking, without having to always open a can or box. These trays have a tightly fitting lid and everything cleans up well in the dishwasher. Highly recommended.

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The Souper Cubes Story

Souper Cubes | Soup & Stock Silicone Freezer Tray

Souper Storage

Souper Cubes was cooked up by four friends in Palo Alto, California who shared a love for soups and a dislike for food waste. Michelle and Jake Sendowski thought up the idea when wandering the prepared section of their local grocery store. They got to talking about making their own chicken soup, but since it was just the two of them there would be way too much left over. Jake thought they could freeze it, but Michelle said there was nothing useful to freeze it in. Jake searched the internet that night and Michelle was right. There was nothing. So Jake got to work building a CAD model of just what they were looking for. They then asked Jake’s friend Sasan Salek, who worked in production and sourcing, and their neighbor Shaun Saperstein, who worked in design and storytelling to join them. Together, the team created a smarter way to freeze soup, stock, broths, and sauces. Read More Read Less