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Affordable night guard

10/20/2020 by ROBIN

This can be worn for mor than 3 months. Follow the directions and it’s quite easy to fit. Comes with a case!


Best alternative to professional dental nightguards

5/24/2020 by Erin

Several months ago I had to get a crown on one of my molars because it had started cracking in half from the double pressure of clenching *and* grinding my teeth at night. My dentist said I needed to get a nightguard to help prevent a repeat on another tooth.

However, the professional custom guard my dentist could order, made with a mold, would be $450. Yikes.

Enter SOVA. I took a chance by ordering one...and I'm so glad I did! Unlike other reviewers, I didn't have trouble with the fitting process - it took a couple tries to get it right, but I expected that. You just need to have a little patience!

I've been sleeping with it in every night since late November 2019, and the difference is noticeable. It took some getting used to, but it doesn't hurt or put too much pressure on my gums. Most importantly - I don't wake up with a stiff jaw and headache anymore!

I'm about to order my second one. They recommend replacing it every 6 months, as the pressure from serious clenching/grinding will eventually wear away the structural integrity of the material in places. Makes sense - the pressure was enough to crack my tooth after all!

In the end, buying a SOVA twice a year is much cheaper and easier for me than getting a custom nightguard from my dentist. Highly recommended!!


Fantastic guard!

1/21/2020 by Christine

When I first opened the package my first thought was they forgot to include the product! The guard is so thin and flat it almost got lost in the paperwork. But once I found it and followed the very easy instructions to mold it to fit my mouth, I
love it! It's slim and comfortable to sleep in. Now the real test will be to see how long it lasts. (It's only been a couple of weeks.)


Very happy!

1/17/2020 by Helene

Exactly as described. Very easy to “shape” and much more reasonably priced that the first one I’d gotten from my dentist. One tip...when dry the guard is white. When you put it in warm/hot water to soften, it will become clear so you know it’s ready to shape.


This works well

11/1/2019 by Margie

I have saved money and used this every night quite effectively
I probably should replace with new but it’s still sturdy & not worn thru. I also like wearing it on my top teeth.


The best moldable guard

10/29/2019 by debbie

This moldable nigt guard works very well. It is easy to mold and the freshening spray is so nice. I have ordered 2 additional ones for my adult kids who grind their teeth, A great find


So thin and light!!

10/9/2019 by Tamara

I am a serious nighttime tooth grinder. I have destroyed many night guards from the dentist, finally gave up and have been wearing bulky sports guards for several years. I decided to try this because it looked so much less bulky. I've worn it about 2 weeks and haven't destroyed it yet, though there is one small chip off one side. I love that it can be reheated and fit again if you mess up. I have my wisdom teeth, so it was a bit tricky to get it to fit all the way back, but I got it on the second try. One thing to be careful about is not to press the guard too tightly onto your teeth. There is a slight amount of shrinkage as it cools and it can be tricky to get off if you wrap the plastic too closely up and over your teeth. I'm hoping this will last a few months at least and I LOVE that I hardly feel it in my mouth!



7/29/2019 by maria

Bought this for my husband after he complained how much our dentist wanted to charge for a night guard. I read the description and knew my husband would wear it. Fits perfect, easy to care for and didn’t cost me &1500.00!


Great Night Guard

7/29/2019 by Sharon

I have had several night guards two of them from a dentist. The dentist ones were very expensive and I eventually stopped using them. I have tried other non dentist guards but was not happy with how thick and uncomfortable they were, even after remolding them!
So far, I love the SOVA!! I purchased all of it, the guard, case, and the refresher spray. The spray is great, I spray it inside the guard before I use it and in the morning I don't have that gross taste that you get from the build-up of bacteria. The refresher really helps. The major thing I like is the thinness of it, so much more comfortable than even the dental prescribed ones. Just follow the directions, I really appreciated the video! I only had to make one minor adjustment and that was super easy. Also, you can't beat the price, thank you SOVA!!


Extremely comfortable!

7/19/2019 by Jill

In the past, mouthguards I have worn for teeth grinding left my mouth dry and tasting nasty. Not this one! I actually left it in all night the first night I tried it. I didn't feel the urge to clench down on it like I do with the one my dentist made. It does its job and is very comfortable to wear. I highly recommend it.

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The SOVA Story

Sova v1

Night Shift

Grinding your teeth at night is no good for your smile, jaw, or your sleep, for that matter. The SOVA night guard adds a layer of custom-fitting protection that is so slim and comfortable, you might forget you’re even wearing it. No, really.

SOVA is about half the thickness of a typical night guard. You can talk easily and even drink with it in. It’s non-compressible perforated surface pulls double duty by absorbing the force of grinding and clenching and directing it away from teeth. It also allows for better airflow. Rounded edges feel good against gums and because you mold the guard
yourself at home—no trip to the dentist needed—it’s a more accessible way to ease discomfort and hopefully sleep better.

The idea of creating a streamlined night guard came to Maker (and otolaryngology surgeon) Jan Akervall when he wanted to help protect the teeth of his patients during surgery. He and his wife Sassa soon realized the protection he envisioned was also the perfect fit for folks who grind their teeth at night.
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