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Custom Fit Night Guard - With Case Case of 25

Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Extremely comfortable!

7/19/2019 by Jill

In the past, mouthguards I have worn for teeth grinding left my mouth dry and tasting nasty. Not this one! I actually left it in all night the first night I tried it. I didn't feel the urge to clench down on it like I do with the one my dentist made. It does its job and is very comfortable to wear. I highly recommend it.


Love it

6/26/2019 by Deborah

Took the stress out of fitting it when I knew it would be easy to try again. Very comfortable. Will repurchase when time to replace.


This thing is AMAZING

6/23/2019 by Linda

VERY pleased with this product- nearly the same quality as the "pro" one from the dentist (which was ICKY to make and took a long time) at a fraction of the cost. Would highly recommend for those that clench and grind teeth while they sleep.


Best ever!

6/5/2019 by Connie E

I love my Sova mouth guard. It was easy to shape and is
comfortable to use. I was having dry mouth with my old
mouth guard, but with Sova and the holes in it, the moisture
in my mouth is not a problem any more.
I sleep so much better without waking.


For the Teeth Grinders

5/29/2019 by Amanda

This product does what it says it does. It is helping me from grinding my teeth away. Plus, I don't have to go to a dentist to get one which is very expensive. It is moldable and you can remold it many times.


Comfortable & Easy

5/3/2019 by Lauren

If you grind your teeth and night and need an easy solution, this is the product for you. I tried buying a mouthguard from the drugstore, but it was too loose and wouldn't stay in place. However, with the SOVA night guard, I have not had any problems. It is so thin and light that you quickly forget it's there. Molding it was easy, but I do recommend watching the video when you do it so you can see the color change that helped me know it was ready to shape. I also recommend buying the cleaning/refreshing spray. It has a clean, cinnamony taste that reminds me of Big Red gum which I like.


Lightweight not cumbersome

4/28/2019 by Brenda

This is a very nice tool ! Thin and easy to wear can talk with it in.


Mouth guard

4/28/2019 by Josephine

Great device!!!


Great Product!

4/18/2019 by Wendy

I gave the SOVA night guard to my niece. I bought
the SISU night guard it is wonderful and I would recommend both. Gave the information on all your
products to my dentist.
The cases need to be redesigned, the holes should be on the top so that one could put water in the case, the night guards need water to stay flexible. The black case has an extra compartment that is useless and a extra plastic piece on the top. The case needs to be smaller.
Five on the nightguard, one for the case.


What a Deal!

3/31/2019 by David

My wife and I have purchased other online night guards and for the quality and price AND comfort, these are the best we have experienced. Highly recommend!

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The SOVA Story

Sova v1

Night Shift

Grinding your teeth at night is no good for your smile, jaw, or your sleep, for that matter. The SOVA night guard adds a layer of custom-fitting protection that is so slim and comfortable, you might forget you’re even wearing it. No, really.

SOVA is about half the thickness of a typical night guard. You can talk easily and even drink with it in. It’s non-compressible perforated surface pulls double duty by absorbing the force of grinding and clenching and directing it away from teeth. It also allows for better airflow. Rounded edges feel good against gums and because you mold the guard
yourself at home—no trip to the dentist needed—it’s a more accessible way to ease discomfort and hopefully sleep better.

The idea of creating a streamlined night guard came to Maker (and otolaryngology surgeon) Jan Akervall when he wanted to help protect the teeth of his patients during surgery. He and his wife Sassa soon realized the protection he envisioned was also the perfect fit for folks who grind their teeth at night.
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