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10" Silicone Splatter Guard Case of 12

Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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It works!

8/25/2019 by Tev

This splatter guard keeps me from having to wipe the stove top constantly. I couldn't believe how well it works. And you are still able to stir the pan and keep the splatters away. Easy to clean and easy to store. So glad I bought it. Be sure of the size when ordering. I ordered a size too large and had to return it for the smaller size. A very easy process by the way. Would be a great gift.


No more splatter!

8/5/2019 by Erica

Frywall, where have you been all my life? I wish I had found this product years ago! I can now cook bacon in my cast iron skillet and the grease doesn't splatter all over my stove. Amazingly simple to use and clean. 5 stars doesn't seem like enough, I give it 10. A must have for anyone who frys/sautes anything in a pan. Love it!!


This is GREAT

7/14/2019 by Sandra

The first thing I hate about a fry shield is that when you have to take it off to turn the food, you get grease everywhere anyway! Not with this! You can stir, turn, or add items to the pan without moving your shield. It is high enough that splatter does not jump over the edges. The one word of caution though, is to seat your splatter guard before turning on the pan. It takes me a moment to get it in place properly. The bottom of the shield will get hot to the touch so use care. But once in place, it works fantastic! When finished, I toss it in the top of the dishwasher, roll it up when finished and keep it in the tube it came in.


Great Tool

6/28/2019 by Gwendolyn

This splatter guard does a great job of preventing grease splatter when frying or searing, and allows open access for turning or monitoring the food.


perfect for gifts

6/27/2019 by david

we gave these to several of our "foodie" kids who've all raved about how easy they are to use, how easy they are to clean, and MOST importantly, how well they work.


Love it!

6/27/2019 by Rita

This really cuts down on the time that I have to spend "degreasing" the stove. There is still a tiny bit of splatter but I can deal with it. The best part is that I can take it off the pan and put it right into the top rack of the dishwasher.


Simply LOVE it!

6/26/2019 by Doogiesmom

I'm a neat freak w/a 6 burner gas stove. So hard to keep it clean so avoid frying as much as possible until ... THIS invention! AWESOME! Have fried chicken & fish w/absolutely NO splatters. Easy to clean, too. LOVE it!!


Love this splatter guard

5/29/2019 by Sharilyn

I love it! helps keep the grease splatters from splattering all over the stove top and floor and back splash. Easy clean up and easy to fold up and store too.


splatter guard

5/18/2019 by janet

love the product! It keeps my stovetop clean when my husband cooks the bacon,


Works as advertised

5/18/2019 by SLB

I love this thing and use it all the time as it saves clean-up time after sauteing, searing or pan frying anything. Then it goes into the dishwasher. This was a great find!

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The Frywall Story

Like grease on your counters? Don’t click here.

Stop the splatter

With this silicone splatter guard inside the rim of any pot or pan, spattering and sizzling food won’t spray out.

Frywall keeps all the sautéing, frying, and marinating food contained even as it’s exposed to high temperatures. And even though the walls are high (kind of like a dog cone over your pan), the soft silicone is angled for easy access to the food. So you can flip, brown, and sear . . . while your shirt, kitchen, and you stay protected.

To clean, soap and rinse Frywall or stick it in the dishwasher. The silicone collapses down flat to save space when it’s stored.

Keep the counter tidy
and the path straight—from the pan to your plate. Read More Read Less