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Easy, Peasy!

6/22/2020 by Linda

I live in a townhouse and have a small patio garden. The landscapers cut the grass but do not edge. I can get the job done quickly and easily with this edger. The whole yard/garden looks so much nicer!


This edger works

11/1/2019 by Maureen

My husband was skeptical when I purchased this edger but he actually likes it!


The Kwik Edge is a Jewel!

11/1/2019 by Joseph

The Kwik Edge is just the right tool to help define the boundaries of your garden beds. It is easy to use and really makes the garden beds stand out! Another great invention for use around the outside of the home. I use this with my Yard-X 5 in 1 multi tool in all my garden work. It really makes the beds so attractive and pleasing to the eye. A real jewel!


Best edger I own

11/1/2019 by Nancy

I live with Bermuda grass and this edger cuts through all those runners determined to invade my planting beds. It takes a little effort--just like all gardening chores--but it leaves a neat edge and is easier to use after the first time around.


Works well

10/31/2019 by Virginia

Only used a few times but once you get the hang of it edges of the planting beds are cleaned up without the heavy weight of a gas trimmer.


This Is A Great Tool

10/13/2019 by Vickie

I love this tool. I can cut into the glass that is trying to spread into my flowerbeds. I love a tool that does the job, with ease and does to need a power tool.


Wonderful Tool

9/10/2019 by Thelma

This is so easy to use and leaves a beautiful edge. I would recommend this product.


Love it.

9/7/2019 by Karen

This solves a problem I have been battling in different ways for years. This is definitely THE tool. It was easy to use (even in some hard packed clay-heavy soil) and so quick that I will be able to do spot corrections as needed - it won't be a dreaded, day-long chore. Thank you for sharing this!


Great tool!

7/17/2019 by Catherine

At first I found it difficult to use since our soil was so hard. Once I got the hang of it, it was great! Use it weekly to keep a sharp border around my trees and flower bed.


Great tool!

7/7/2019 by Walter

It works, well. Once you have established the edge the next times are a breeze. Thank you for this.

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The Kwik Edge Story

Kwik Edge | Garden Edger

Garden Groomers

Creating garden tools was a natural fit for Kwik Edge Maker Wilson Svedin. This avid gardener was often complimented on his beautiful landscaping, particularly the well-manicured edges.

The secret to Wilson's success was an early prototype of what would evolve into the edging tool once he retired. It works in three ways at once to fight invading grass. It's a simple but smart solution to taming garden bed edges, walkways, and other spots in the yard. Blades trim the grass and cut the roots, and a curved edge grooms the soil back into the bed, all in one quick, fluid motion. For crowded beds
and in planters, Wilson’s hand tools work like a traditional hoe, but with more precision and control. Use the Mini or the smaller Buddy to cultivate flower beds, prep seed rows, and weed. Who knew it could be so easy—and so satisfying—to spruce up your garden Read More Read Less