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Spirelli Hand Spiral Slicer Sample

Reviews (3.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Spiral slicer

3/22/2015 by Mary

I had tried other similar items. This hand spiral slicer is very sturdy and very sharp. I've tried the thin and thicker spirals. It's easy to use. I'm getting one for my sister.


Best Kitchen Tool Out There....

3/12/2015 by Angela

I absolutely love the Spirelli Slicer. I made zucchini spaghetti and both my husband and I were amazed at how fast and easy it was to prepare a meal. While looking around for recipes, many people opted for the julienne tool, however I found this to be much easier and faster. Highly recommend!



3/8/2015 by Sally

I am truly amazed at how well this works to make veggie spaghetti! I'm low carbing right now so i make with alfredo sauce and turkey sausage. Delish!



3/3/2015 by Lucia

This product was everything I hoped for and more. I can make food with an unusual presentation. I love it!



2/28/2015 by Linda

It is the best! When your food looks great, it tastes great!! My granddaughter loves this slicer.


Simple yet effective

2/27/2015 by julie

works great, easy to use and clean


fun to use for a different food look

2/27/2015 by Roberta

The biggest negative with this product is the lack of instructions to maximize the item's use efficiently. Nothing is in English in or on the box and that is frustrating; German engineering quality, but no English language speaker friendly information. So, even though it looks simple to use, it took a while to get the hang of it and I still don't think I am using it completely the right way, since there is so much of what I am slicing left in a big bulb that I cannot get sliced (a bit of a waste.)
So, product is good and directions are bad.


This works really well.

2/13/2019 by mike

We use it all the time. It turns carrots and zucchini into nice noodle-like threads.


Good product

9/21/2015 by Gail

I wish they included recopies with this product. I'm at a lost as to which veggies to use outside of carrots. Cucumbers don't work too well, but I didn't start the cuc before I had already taken several slices off. I would appreciate it if you could suggest other veggies to use. Thanks


enjoying this spirelli

3/17/2015 by claire

The directions were unclear, but watching the video is helpful.

It gives salad such a beautiful appearance.

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The Spirelli Story

Spirelli - Spiral Vegetable Slicer

A Healthy Twist

Start on your path to healthier eating with Spirelli, the spiral slicer that creates noodle-like strips from virtually any firm vegetable. Simply wash a carrot, radish, cucumber, zucchini, or other veggie and Spirelli spirals it into thick or thin strands. Then prepare the vegetables however you choose: unique salads, vegetable stir-fries, and even “zoodles”—zucchini noodles similar to spaghetti.

Created by GEFU—a company with 70 years of experience helping anyone become a culinary artist—Spirelli is made with high-quality plastic and Japanese stainless steel blades. It is simple to clean,
easy to store, and is dishwasher safe.

This convenient spiral slicer will help you create a new array of delicious possibilities.
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