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This is so much easier to use than my old one

6/27/2019 by Luane

I replaced a small twist your wrist model with this one. What a difference. Before I would stop because my wrist would cramp, now I enjoy spiraling get larger amounts in a shorter amount of time without cramping my wrist. Cleanup is a snap, too.


The Best Spirilizer on the Market>

7/14/2017 by Circa90210

I purchased this GEFU Spirilizer about two years ago at a local kitchen shop. It is made in West Germany and has excellent craftsmanship and great West German blades which are known the world over to be top quality. The best part of this machine is it has a open screw on base below to collect your spirals, so you do not have to tire your hands holding it over the pot you are spiraling into for sake of ease and stability. Make sure to empty the spirals from the base periodically, because the base can easily fill up. This unit has multiple blade positions to change thickness of the spirals which you use a dial to change thickness of spirals.

I make zucchini and squash spaghetti with meat sauce with this machine most often. I highly recommend this Spiralizer over any on the market. They carry it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond where you can get 20% off with a coupon if the store is near you. While the price is higher than most Spiralizers, it has features no other Spiralizer has such as base, West German Made, good quality, durable, and easy to use...no struggles like the $15 machines that shoot out spirals from a button. On this one, you place the vegetable in the sharp prongs in the base of the top of the spiralizer with the handle and crank to spiralize the item stuck to prongs. It is full proof with no danger of making a mess or cutting yourself. I highly recommend this brand of Spiralizer. You can make so many things. Enjoy it, because you cannot go wrong buying it! Take care!


Love it

5/31/2017 by Janis

I am trying to eat healthy and the spirelfix spiral slicer helps me to use more vegs.



12/2/2015 by Kris

I love it!! I'm on a no bread, pasta or basically nothing processed and this makes so easy to make noodles out of veggies! It's a great shortcut to knife work.


Great product!

3/21/2015 by JenMoon

We just finished our first meal of zucchini spaghetti and all agreed it was fantastic; I can't wait to try something else! I also sliced the onion for the sauce with this. I'm so glad I purchased this.

You don't need to steam or microwave veggies beforehand; in fact, I'd advise against it. It's easier for the blades to cut through non-cooked items. Then you can stir-fry, steam, throw into whatever sauce you are cooking or just eat them raw. Zucchini or cucumber strands make a nice salad.

I also purchase this because I knew I'd be unlikely to use a mandolin safely; this feels great in that respect.



2/28/2015 by Stephanie

This is much more than a kitchen "gadget." It is of a superior quality, German engineering, easy to use, a breeze to clean, and simply brilliant. Fave use is to spiralize zucchinis, lightly saute in EVOO & garlic, and toss into spaghetti sauce. The spirelli turns healthy veggies into faux-pasta! Was so impressed, bought one for my mom. She LOVES it too and now we are swapping spirelli recipes :-D


fun gadget for fancy veggies

2/27/2015 by Roberta

Although I have only used this a few times, I like the pizazz the spiral blades give veggies for a fun look.
This comes with a very basic booklet, mostly in German with minimal text in English that is supposed to tell how to use it. It is not intuitive for me and I wish it had a bit more information, such as whether it is better to steam or microwave certain veggies first to make the spiral slicing easier and how to get the most from any given piece of veggie, and how to prep (trim or peel, etc.) before using it with various vegetables.
Innovative and very similar to something my mother had when I was growing up.


Fun Gadget

2/28/2015 by Betty

This was fun to use but it doesn't hold a very tall piece of fruit or vegetable. I might need the other style for Carrots or other long thin vegetables. I successfully spirel sliced an onion, placed it in the basket of an air fryer, sprayed it with oil and sprinkled with salt after it was cooked. Tasty.

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The Spirelli Story

Spirelli - Spiral Vegetable Slicer

A Healthy Twist

Start on your path to healthier eating with Spirelli, the spiral slicer that creates noodle-like strips from virtually any firm vegetable. Simply wash a carrot, radish, cucumber, zucchini, or other veggie and Spirelli spirals it into thick or thin strands. Then prepare the vegetables however you choose: unique salads, vegetable stir-fries, and even “zoodles”—zucchini noodles similar to spaghetti.

Created by GEFU—a company with 70 years of experience helping anyone become a culinary artist—Spirelli is made with high-quality plastic and Japanese stainless steel blades. It is simple to clean,
easy to store, and is dishwasher safe.

This convenient spiral slicer will help you create a new array of delicious possibilities.
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