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very cool

11/1/2019 by Kathy

This is the coolest idea. I love it and large phones can fit in it.


No pockets

10/31/2019 by Darlene

This is great to use when you don't have any pockets to put a phone or keys to store.


it's wonderful

7/12/2019 by gay

my bangees is great I workout with it all the time!!!!!!


nice pouch

6/26/2019 by Sheryl

it works really well to take my phone and keys with when I am walking


Yes... I'll stop to write a review, is it a banjee or a sprig? Well it's great, now don't forget a thing or my fone. don't forget

6/11/2019 by Cruz

I can just tuck in my fone n it's right there. before it was lost or left somewhere, now just put on my banjee n leave it on, tuck in the fone n I'm off- sometimes wallet too. when I finish don't go to some pocket or lay it down where I won't forget, haa!, or something, it's into bangee n that's it. what a find.


so convenient

2/15/2019 by lisa



Birthday gift for daughtet

1/23/2019 by Lela

I bought this for a birthday gift for my daughter. She is not thrilled with it, but is giving it a chance. It is convenient to use and keeps her hands free and her phone near while power walking.


this is a great idea an perfect for out and about

12/11/2018 by Jennifejr

With 2 kids its either bring it all or grab the necessities - I love this for just putting in a credit card or cash and the phone and running about. I honestly have not tried it for any moderate "standard" exercise :)
It is a bit big around my wrist but no worries of it falling off over my hand.


Great to use for my Fitbit ONE and Bus pass

12/2/2018 by Carolyn P.

I have one of these which has a zip top. But I use it to sleep with because I own a Fit Bit 1 model which has a sleep tracker. I set the Sleep tracker and place the Fitbit in the wristband. It stays in place while I sleep. When I get my 8-hours I turn it off and leave this pouch on my pillow. The Fitbit came with a wristband which holds the Fitbit but it came out one night, I thought I lost it in my bed. Then I found this and it works so much better, plus it very lightweight on my wrist. I do have another one which I use it for my bus pass only. That semi-sheer material allows the light to go thru to activate my bus pass without removing the card from its pouch. I love these so much.


Phone Banjees Rock

11/5/2018 by Bev

Purchased 2 of the Black and White Melange Phone Banjees, one for me and one for my daughter. We love them and makes it easy to carry phone and essentials when pockets are not an option or, in my case, I don't want to have the electronics on my body, less electronic microwaves the better. We ended up ordering 2 more Banjees, so we will wear them in tandem, making it look more like matching cuffs, under our long sleeve garments.

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The Sprigs Story

Sprigs - Common Sense Accessories

Carefree & handsfree

After the successful launch of Banjees, The Grommet is adding more Sprigs problem solvers to the mix. Sprigs company founder Valerie Ciptak makes smart, stylish accessories for on-the-go comfort and convenience.

Earbags keep your ears warm without annoying bands. The patented design and Thinsulate lining make these bandless earmuffs warm, snug-fitting, and easy to stow in your pocket when not in use. They look fashionable enough for everyday use but are secure enough to wear during outdoor activities.

Also great for exercising, Banjees let you carry on-the-go necessities on your arm instead of
bouncing around in your pockets. Machine washable and moisture wicking, Banjees are designed to keep your personal items dry even while you sweat.

With Sprigs on your ears or arm, it’s easy to make the most of any outing or adventure.
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