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Very Helpful

12/28/2017 by Ronda

This is great for going on a run or walk without having to take along a big purse. But I have also begun to wear it around the house as I am always misplacing my phone in my house and spending much wasted time trying to find it. I would definitely recommend this.


love it

11/13/2017 by ginger

so comfortable, handy, secure....love small zipper for money, ear phones, drivers luc, credit card


I Use Mine A Lot

10/12/2017 by Susan

I walk an indoor track at a local community center which can get pretty boring. This works perfectly for my iPhone so I can listen to music while walking. Having Bob Skaggs or Bob Marley in my ears makes the walk far more interesting! Thanks for this clever way to hold my phone!!



8/11/2017 by Paula

Finally something I can use instead of a purse or wallet. Light, flexible and surprisingly roomie. Looks cool too! Love it!


Uses for buttonholes...

6/29/2017 by Toni

I've thought of some possible uses for the buttonholes, which I initially did not notice, but am wondering what they were designed for.


No pockets, no problem!

6/29/2017 by Toni

Handy way to carry a few essentials instead of lugging that large, heavy handbag. I wear tights a lot (instead of pants/slacks) which have no pockets. Good for around the house (have hearing problem) and in the yard, that visit with the neighbor, and on and on. At this point I still have a landline, but looking for alternative solutions to my phone/TV/internet connections. Eliminating the landline would make carrying your phone more essential. Right now I usually have it in my purse for errands/driving around and only try to have it near me when expecting a call/text

First time I used the Phone Banjee I had trouble getting the phone back in the pocket, but with use (and practice) I learned to firmly pull top closure flap back and drop Banjee hand down. This makes in and out easier.

Have you considered a man sized Banjee which would also accommodate the larger women as well? I am a large boned, with 8 inch wrists, woman. Mine is snug to get over my large hands but of course this means it holds the phone on top of my arm instead of sliding. Guess I should have emailed you instead of using this venue, oh well.

I am wearing my Banjee NOW--just got a text from my granddaughter! I recommend it.


My second one!

6/28/2017 by Deborah

My 30-year-old daughter fell in love with mine when she saw it so I gave it to her. This one's for me!


This is the 3rd one I've bought!!

6/16/2017 by Patty

I bought one for myself and loved it so much, I bought two more as gifts. They are perfect for the gym or just out for a walk. Love it!!


Ordering my second one!

6/6/2017 by Deborah

My daughter borrowed mine for a trip and loves it! I don't have the heart to ask for it back and I love it too lol


soooo useful!!

5/18/2017 by Gail

I got one and cant stop using it.. every day...it fits cards, money, keys, and the phone, and some makeup... literally replaced my purse.. I take it everywhere including to a yoga class, party, to step out of my house or go on an errand... its lightweight, stretchy, and inconspicuous... I try not to overwhelm it though because it can fit a lot more but then it's kinddah bulky on the wrist... I totally love it... in fact, I got on the site to get one or two more, and decided to write this review since I am already here...

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The Sprigs Story

Sprigs - Common Sense Accessories

Carefree & handsfree

After the successful launch of Banjees, The Grommet is adding more Sprigs problem solvers to the mix. Sprigs company founder Valerie Ciptak makes smart, stylish accessories for on-the-go comfort and convenience.

Earbags keep your ears warm without annoying bands. The patented design and Thinsulate lining make these bandless earmuffs warm, snug-fitting, and easy to stow in your pocket when not in use. They look fashionable enough for everyday use but are secure enough to wear during outdoor activities.

Also great for exercising, Banjees let you carry on-the-go necessities on your arm instead of
bouncing around in your pockets. Machine washable and moisture wicking, Banjees are designed to keep your personal items dry even while you sweat.

With Sprigs on your ears or arm, it’s easy to make the most of any outing or adventure.
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