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Lightweight and practical.

1/13/2017 by Nancy

Lightweight and comfortable, this is a nice way to carry small items. Carrying the phone is doable, but a bit bulky. Credit cards, key, or currency are fine in it. Nice for walking the dog or travelling.



12/2/2016 by Annalee

This is a Christmas gift. It looks like it will be a very useful item for the person I bought it for!


works well

11/15/2016 by nancy

Used it during Hawaii vacation to carry phone for taking pictures and keeping hotel key during long hikes. It worked great.


Great spend!!

11/11/2016 by Carol

Great Christmas gift for family member! I wear mine constantly!!


Phone banjee

11/2/2016 by Carol

I had never seen anything like this before, bought it and don't regret it. I where it everywhere. People always ask about it.


Great product

11/2/2016 by Carol

I had bought one for me and my friends and acquaintances were intrigued by my phone banjee. I told them that I wear it at home and wherever I go it is on my wrist. Decided to buy some as Christmas gifts for my family.


Practical, convenient & comfortable

11/1/2016 by Kathleen

Everything I need goes in this banjee - credit card, key, cash - for easy no-purse shopping or attending sporting events! I bought one for myself a couple of years ago and have since bought them for friends and relatives. They are coveted by everyone who sees me using mine! Women hate the tyranny of a purse and love the freedom the banjee provides.


Works well

10/10/2016 by Mary Lou

Really like this product. You can use it in many situations. More than exercise .


Love it.

10/6/2016 by Susan

This makes listening to a book so much easier when I'm walking my dogs. I don't have to worry about my phone falling out of my pants pocket or coat jacket.


10000 steps

7/8/2016 by Susan

This is perfect for my daily walks. Holds one key, phone and iPod.

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The Sprigs Story

Sprigs - Common Sense Accessories

Carefree & handsfree

After the successful launch of Banjees, The Grommet is adding more Sprigs problem solvers to the mix. Sprigs company founder Valerie Ciptak makes smart, stylish accessories for on-the-go comfort and convenience.

Earbags keep your ears warm without annoying bands. The patented design and Thinsulate lining make these bandless earmuffs warm, snug-fitting, and easy to stow in your pocket when not in use. They look fashionable enough for everyday use but are secure enough to wear during outdoor activities.

Also great for exercising, Banjees let you carry on-the-go necessities on your arm instead of
bouncing around in your pockets. Machine washable and moisture wicking, Banjees are designed to keep your personal items dry even while you sweat.

With Sprigs on your ears or arm, it’s easy to make the most of any outing or adventure.
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