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1/21/2014 by Cherie

Bought 4. 3 as gifts...1 for me. Too small for iphone4 and too difficult to put phone in while wearing...too difficult to put on if I put phone in first. Sorry I ordered.



1/2/2014 by Victoria

These had great reviews, but I returned mine because I thought they were awkward to manage - trying to get the phone out with one hand, or get it back in with one hand....just didn't work for me, but perhaps just me....



12/22/2013 by Carla

Really UGLY and cheap fabric. I will be sending this one back.


lousy product

12/10/2013 by patricia

Useless. Would not support the weight of the phone and stay on my arm. Threw it away immediately.



12/6/2013 by Lynda

I was disappointed with this product because the image makes it look like an iPhone or iPod will fit into the pocket. I only find it useful to carry my credit card and some cash. The pocket without a zipper is useless because it's not deep enough for anything to stay in securely.

{The Grommet response - You are right, an iPhone should fit into the pocket. Someone from our team will be in contact with you.}


Not Happy

11/13/2013 by William

I consider myself normal sized male in his 60s and to be honest I was very disappointed with this purchase. The sprig itself was to tight when I tried to put on over my wrist that I heard something tear. Once on I place my Galaxy S4 in the pocket and not only was it tight but very uncomfortable. Leave this item to the ladies. Again, very disappointed!!


Great on paper, not so much in use.

11/4/2013 by Mary

Too tight and not quite big enough to slip items in and out. Was disappointed.



10/31/2013 by Sue

I was fully prepared to love this solution, but . . . The "pocket" described as useful for smart phone usage is not deep enough to hold a smartphone securely. I have an old flip phone which will fit in the zippered pocket, and so I will be able to utilize it. But as I understand the description, that pocket seems intended for an ID, plus a key or a bit of money. I got it to use when I am on the tractor and I cannot hear the phone, and frequently there is already enough vibration in play that I don't feel the phone in my pocket. Hopefully I will have better luck with it on my wrist. It should be useful for me in that manner until I upgrade to the phones that most of the rest of the world are using, and then I will be looking for a different solution. Sorry. I cannot recommend this for phone/gadget use. ID, keys, money - yes. It would not be that difficult to redesign, make the 2nd pocket substantially larger and perhaps utilize a velcro closing to keep gadgets secure.

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The Sprigs Story

Sprigs - Common Sense Accessories

Carefree & handsfree

After the successful launch of Banjees, The Grommet is adding more Sprigs problem solvers to the mix. Sprigs company founder Valerie Ciptak makes smart, stylish accessories for on-the-go comfort and convenience.

Earbags keep your ears warm without annoying bands. The patented design and Thinsulate lining make these bandless earmuffs warm, snug-fitting, and easy to stow in your pocket when not in use. They look fashionable enough for everyday use but are secure enough to wear during outdoor activities.

Also great for exercising, Banjees let you carry on-the-go necessities on your arm instead of
bouncing around in your pockets. Machine washable and moisture wicking, Banjees are designed to keep your personal items dry even while you sweat.

With Sprigs on your ears or arm, it’s easy to make the most of any outing or adventure.
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