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Doesn't fit

3/22/2019 by Brenda

This item doesn't fit on my car vents, I haven't yet figured out how I can use it.


doesn't fit

2/13/2019 by Phyllis

I can barely fit it onto my car vent, even when extended all the way. Once on, the car vent won't close, so there constant air blowing through it. It was also hard to get my phone into the bracket. I waited too long to return it, so I will donate it in my next box of stuff to charity.


Car vent mount

1/27/2019 by Angie

I was really forward to this mount but it doesn't fit my car vent slats. My slats are to deep.


Not what I expected

12/15/2018 by Mary

Might be better in summer. But not completely...Being on the heater vent heated my phone up worse than just using GPS. After a week the phone fell off.When I tried to put it back I noticed how flimsy my car vents are. I'm afraid they'll break if I continue to put the phone weight on them.


Impossible spring!

10/25/2018 by Andrea

I loved the screw mount that gripped the vent, but the spring grip for the phone was impossibly strong. When I got the mount, I found the spring so hard that I thought I was doing something wrong. I looked for any instructions, but there were none. I read reviews and found several others who noted the same problem. It actually HURT my hand to try to put the phone in and take it out. Really, it takes 2 hands.
as I said in the headline: impossible.


Wouldn’t fit my vent

10/22/2018 by Grace

Wouldn’t fit my vent


Wanted this device to WORK!

10/1/2018 by Nancy

I have tried various Phone Holders for my Car - and sincerely want to own and use an efficient model ( without using velcro applied to my windshield). Value and respect other Grommet products, but this particular product failed.

The Vents in my car are too WIDE to allow the clamps to securely hold my phone. Device cannot accommodate common but particular vehicle configurations for Mercedes GLE. No special I Phone size, 7, but the extension won't expand nor has depth required to secure the device, despite expert assistance. NO rating provided, regretfully an unsuccessful consumer experience. Submission required Rating, but -1 would provide most accurate .


Broke two fins on my vent

9/23/2018 by James

My car's vent (2008 BMW) was not strong enough to support this mount. I fastened the mount to one fin of my vent without a problem. While then attempting to adjust the position (no undue pressure) of the mount, the fin popped out of its mounting position. After re-attaching the fin and mounting on an alternate fin, the plastic support that held the fins in place simply snapped off. Now I have a useless mount that I can't use and a broken vent in my car to boot.


Will not work in any of my vehicles

8/1/2018 by Sherry

This will not work on any of the vents in my vehicles.
So it is sitting on my counter not being used.

The clip to attach it to the vent is to short.

I would not recommend it because of that issue.


Had to return it

7/31/2018 by Lourdes

And I’m waiting for a replacement.

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The Square Jellyfish Story

Square Jellyfish | Cellphone Holder

Mount & Charge

Square Jellyfish is all about making our connected-to-our-phones lives better. Their air vent phone holder, tripod mount, and wireless car charger are built to double-up on holding phones and charging them at the same time.

The air vent mount has a sneaky metal hook in the back that—unlike many other vent-based mounts—keeps it extra-securely tethered. A spring-loaded grip holds a phone and case up to four inches wide, and a pivot ball joint lets you rotate and tilt to get the just-right angle—perfect if you’re using it with a GPS. If your phone is induction charging, add the wireless charging
pad to the mount to power up at the same time.

The tripod mount does the same hold-and-display job on spots like a desk or countertop, and it also works with the wireless charger. The compact design folds down to easily stow away, or pop in your bag to always have this smart solution on-hand.
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