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Easy to use!

8/19/2019 by Liz

Easy to use and very comparable to my old magnetized vent charger that I also loved!


It Really Works

8/10/2019 by Gail

This really, really works. I have a 2008 VW Bug and none of the dashboard clip-ons would hold or work without steering wheel interference. The Square Jellyfish Car Vent Phone Mount holds my iPhone securely and is easy to adjust. Thank you!


Finally one that works!

8/4/2019 by Audrey

I've tried lots of other versions of a holder like this one and none of them worked - I have a lousy sense of direction and depend on my phone for directions, but it's not much use if it falls to the floor of the car while I'm on the highway. This one is great. Only caveat is that the spring is so strong that you have to be careful not to pinch yourself getting the phone in and out - but you get used to it! Bravo.


cell phone holder

8/4/2019 by Ron

Happy with new cell phone holder. it does the job I was looking for. A/C does not bother it at all.


I don't know what this means!

7/10/2019 by Janet

The cell phone mount if compact and easy to attach to the vent. It grips the phone and works beautifully. I like it.


Great Quality and Price!

7/9/2019 by Maria

Very well made! It stays in place; it does not slide off of the vent like other models I've used. No glue or sticky surfaces! The bracket expands and it fits phones with different width.

Great product!


works great

7/6/2019 by Deborah

This is perfect for holding my phone, when trying to make sure i'm traveling in the right direction :)


Works great!

7/5/2019 by Bruce

I have a sports car with a rather stiff suspension and I've tried the mounts that clip to the vent with a rubber clip and it's constantly falling off. The Square Jellyfish mount stays put! It's very stable and doesn't interfere with the vent operation. I highly recommend them! 5 stars (or grommets!).


Finally found a mount that works with my phone

7/3/2019 by Betsy

My phone is large and nothing seemed to work! The magnet one didn’t hold and the jell strip didn’t work either!
With having the hook on the end of the Square Jellyfish mount it really works! Love this


Adjustable and secure

6/28/2019 by Sue

My husband likes using Google Maps instead of his truck’s navigation system. Other phone mounts have fallen off. He loves this one. It is adjustable to tighten it down and can be moved in the position right for the driver to have the least distraction. Going to buy another for my grands.

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The Square Jellyfish Story

Square Jellyfish | Cellphone Holder

Mount & Charge

Square Jellyfish is all about making our connected-to-our-phones lives better. Their air vent phone holder, tripod mount, and wireless car charger are built to double-up on holding phones and charging them at the same time.

The air vent mount has a sneaky metal hook in the back that—unlike many other vent-based mounts—keeps it extra-securely tethered. A spring-loaded grip holds a phone and case up to four inches wide, and a pivot ball joint lets you rotate and tilt to get the just-right angle—perfect if you’re using it with a GPS. If your phone is induction charging, add the wireless charging
pad to the mount to power up at the same time.

The tripod mount does the same hold-and-display job on spots like a desk or countertop, and it also works with the wireless charger. The compact design folds down to easily stow away, or pop in your bag to always have this smart solution on-hand.
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