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Great pedicure help . . . .

7/21/2019 by Catherine

I hated changing polish before, now it is so easy, makes life so much easier. Easy to use, stores very nicely too! The light is also a plus, especially for us older users!!


Amazing product

7/2/2019 by Susan

I love this stedi pedi. It makes pedicures so much easier and can also be used for a variety of other things as well. I loved it so much I bought my sister one for her birthday and she loves it too.



6/28/2019 by Cathleen



Gift for relative

6/26/2019 by C

My daughter really likes this for her toes!



6/26/2019 by Mindy

What a great way to do your feet the light & fan are great additions it’s very comfy to do your own pedi or to get one done!!!!


Summer Feet

6/18/2019 by Sharon

I purchased the Stedi Pedi for my adult daughter, since she is past 40 her vision isn’t the same. She loves her new Stedi Pedi, it is great for her with the attached light and the way it gets her foot in a comfortable position. This was a real hit.


I need yoga

5/20/2019 by Ray

Love the system where there's a light, magnifying glass and fan.

Bought this primarily for my wife to use but noticed immediately that she couldn't put her leg up to position her foot correctly.

Me too. It is tough to double over the device. I notice the pix show a person w/ their knee up to their shoulder. I used to be able to do that.

Instead of sitting on the device, we place the device lower to use it.

My daughter believes in yoga & i guess she has a point.

You folks are awesome. Keep up the great work.



She loves it

5/16/2019 by Jeanne

Bought this for my daughter and granddaughter. They were not excited about it until they used it! They love it!



4/25/2019 by Wendy

I didn’t expect to love this item, but I absolutely do love it!!! Pedicures are sooooo much easier now!!!!


Good Buy!

4/7/2019 by David

I have a hard time getting to my toes to trim them. This helps me do this with ease.

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