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Not happy

5/26/2020 by C

I bought this product and was not entirely happy with it. Once I put it into position on the couch, it's fine until I put my foot on it--then it bends and doesn't stay steady. Needless to say, I found it very difficult to polish my toenails using this system. It's a good idea, but far too flimsy to be used as intended.


not worth the money.

5/10/2020 by raymond

doesn't work near as well as i had hoped. The magnifying glass is way too heavy to stay upright and the light on it is low. It also doesn't fit for storage when you want to put it away. The power pack isn't facing the correct way for the fan AND the regular light, so to get the light to twist correctly, you have to turn the power pack inside out. I'm disappointed that my wife didn't love it.



5/25/2019 by Debra

Not much for your money. The slanted board is helpful, but the battery pack (which was difficult to open) accommodates one USB only, so you have to use the magnifying glass, small light, or fan and no two or three at one time. Altogether, not worth the money.


Needs improvement

2/14/2019 by Kym

I wished I loved this more, but I was really hoping for more. The light isn't bright enough for me to see in detail and I can't get a sturdy foot stand


Not for short people

2/13/2019 by Judy

I believe this works only for average or tall people. I am 4'10" and it just doesn't work


neat in theory but...

7/15/2018 by Jeannie

The idea is great and if your foot doesn’t slip it works great. I have chronic back problems so my legs aren’t steady. This means the foot pad slams shut easily. And the battery pack doesn’t work so all the nifty extras are useless. All in all it was money wasted.


Sorry, didn't work for me.

6/15/2020 by Linda

I have a Lazy Boy sectional couch and this just didn't work for me.


Broke with first use

6/23/2019 by Raelynn

As soon as I put my foot on this it snapped in half. I thought it was a great idea, however; poorly made.


Unrequited love

4/16/2019 by Dorothy

I'm an older woman (60's) with a little extra weight and perhaps a lower mobility than a younger woman. I could not get my foot into the right position and if I did, it would have been too uncomfortable to maintain for any limited amount of time. I gave it to my much thinner, younger friend and she didn't find it comfortable either. She gave it away as well. Certainly not what I had hoped for. Back to putting my foot on the toilet cover and hoping for the best.

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