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7/25/2018 by Peter

These babies work! Count on them!


Genius fire starter

7/11/2018 by Virginia

No more shoving stacks of news print in my fire pit to start a fire. These are wonderful!


Works perfectly

7/9/2018 by Dawne

This is my second time buying these. Has never failed on starting our campfires. Set it in place, put the logs around it and always ignites with the first match. Will continue to order. Great product.


Best fire starters EVER

6/8/2018 by Melinda

We have a home reliant for heat on two wood stoves and a fireplace, so we feel like experts on fire-starting. And these are hands-down the best we have ever used. What a great story behind them, too! We have already come back for more, and I anticipate that we’ll be frequent buyers!


Works great!

5/20/2018 by William

Used to start fires on a recent camping trip. Worked as advertised. Easy to lite and burned for about 10 minutes or more, long enough to get the firewood burning good. Great product!


Great product.

4/14/2018 by David

Best Fire Starters ever.


Truly, truly work -- and what a great story too.

1/13/2018 by Andrew

There's nothing more to say -- these work wonderfully. No more newspaper or toxic cape code lighters or that other compressed sawdust stuff that you get at the big hardware stores (those are messy and much harder to light than these little gems). You will be happy.


Hubby was impressed!

1/2/2018 by Glenna

Santa dropped a package of Stokes in hubby’s Christmas stocking and, boy did he do good! Christmas morning was cold and the perfect time to try them out. My sweet spouse, Mr. Skeptical, tore off one section (wondering out loud how many more he would need) and shortly had his wood burning. Fast. Easy. Neat. He was impressed. Me too. Only thing I can think of to improve this shopping experience is to now be able to go back and order a larger supply.


These work great!

12/28/2017 by Kathryn

I gave these to my father for Christmas and he has been very favorably impressed! He has used them for starting fires in the wood stove and using them he doesn't need to include the traditional newspaper base. Great product with great values.


These really work!

12/13/2017 by Marla

I was skeptical but once I figured out how to use them I have been very impressed. One portion of the Stokes, 2 pieces of fatwood, a couple of logs and a beautiful fire results! I have since bought more Stokes for the long winter ahead!!

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The Stokes Story

Do you know the 3 ingredients to start a fire?

Clean Burn

Teenager Adam Liszewski is the brains behind these all-natural fire starters. They’ve grown from their original DIY Christmas gifts into a cottage industry—and beyond—in just a few years.

This enterprising teen began making Stokes after realizing the firestarters for his family’s wood burning stove didn’t light quickly enough. After a few prototypes he landed on the perfect combination of ingredients: sawdust, paraffin wax, and recycled egg cartons. That’s all you need (plus a match) to light a charcoal grill, fireplace, or even a campfire.

Stokes leave out all the nasties commonly used in
firestarters, like kerosene or accelerants. The response was so positive, Adam soon recruited his family to keep up with demand. They worked an assembly line in the basement. When they outgrew that space, he partnered with The Charles River Center, an organization that connects mentally and physically impaired adults with employment.

Adam’s invention lights fires while helping his local community and the environment . . . and he’s only a teenager. We can’t wait to see what sparks his interest next.
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