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Stokes: Hasstle free fire starting

1/14/2017 by Robert P

Tried these out & they work very well. They burn long enough to get the fire going. Works great with very dry wood & is clean & simple to use. Don't expect it to get your fire going if your wood is even slightly damp though. Definitely nice to have around.


Simple Start

12/18/2016 by Christina

Works great, as described, lights a fire quickly and stays burning for a few minutes to get tinder lit.


Works just as it says!

12/16/2016 by Kris

We love this firestarter! We've had no trouble starting a nice fire with just one starter. We love that it's all natural.



11/10/2016 by Barb

I saw these advertised and thought "why not"‼️
I purchased 3 boxes...1 for us, 1 for our daughter and son-in-law and 1 for our son and daughter-in-law. We all love these☺️ Quickly start a fire without stinky chemicals and burn quick to get a good fire going. Ordering more for stocking stuffers


Great Product

10/7/2016 by Marilyn

This is a truly GREAT product! No more messy chemical flame starters, just toss one of these on top of your coals and light it and Voila! Fire... How easy and convenient could you get? Buy this product and keep it dry for next year's summer grilling season.


Great Idea that works great!

10/2/2016 by Fischer

I have tried many fire-starters in the past and have never found one worth the cost...until now! Works as promised with no horrible smell...haven't used anything else to start a campfire since purchasing...and love the story behind Stokes too!


Perfect start - everytime!

9/1/2016 by Jim

Such a simple concept and the price point makes it impracticable for me to make my own. It works perfectly everytime!


Great Product with Throwback Vibe

8/10/2016 by Allison

I used this for the first time over the weekend at a summer BBQ. The product lit instantly and caught the rest of the logs quickly. I did not even use kindling.
The packaging is great. I like the throwback feeling this has. Many people commented on remembering making these in Scouts-- however these work much better.
I would strongly recommend giving this a try. I think one package will last me all summer/fall.


Great idea

8/9/2016 by sharon

I bought 3 of these for gifts.. I like the idea that they are natural and the story of the inception . Haven't given the as yet.. May keep one for myself !


Works great!!

8/8/2016 by Richard

The firestarters work as advertised! They have replaced newspapers for now on!

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The Stokes Story

Do you know the 3 ingredients to start a fire?

Clean Burn

Teenager Adam Liszewski is the brains behind these all-natural fire starters. They’ve grown from their original DIY Christmas gifts into a cottage industry—and beyond—in just a few years.

This enterprising teen began making Stokes after realizing the firestarters for his family’s wood burning stove didn’t light quickly enough. After a few prototypes he landed on the perfect combination of ingredients: sawdust, paraffin wax, and recycled egg cartons. That’s all you need (plus a match) to light a charcoal grill, fireplace, or even a campfire.

Stokes leave out all the nasties commonly used in
firestarters, like kerosene or accelerants. The response was so positive, Adam soon recruited his family to keep up with demand. They worked an assembly line in the basement. When they outgrew that space, he partnered with The Charles River Center, an organization that connects mentally and physically impaired adults with employment.

Adam’s invention lights fires while helping his local community and the environment . . . and he’s only a teenager. We can’t wait to see what sparks his interest next.
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