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Book Themed Infinity Scarf

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Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love it!

5/21/2018 by Sandra

Love it! It is a beautiful scarf. Very soft and long. It is a gift for a friend.


Really soft

5/21/2018 by Annissia

Pleased with my purchase. Shipping was fast. Material is thicker than expected. Will purchase again.


Great Gift

5/21/2018 by Greg

The scarf is very nice, lettering is clear and it looks nice when worn. It is kind of subtle as people don't know what it says when you are wearing it, but often seem interested enough to ask about it.

I actually have given it as a gift twice: once to my wife for her bday (Sherlock Holmes) and once for my Mom for Mother's Day (Bible Verse). Both enjoy theirs. It is nice that you can match people to a book they care about, though it does seem the options are mostly older books (maybe out of copyright?).

This is a gift I would give again (and probably will).


Story scarf

8/30/2019 by Jo

This is a lovely accessory. The fabric is soft. The scarf is really big and can be looped as a head covering or shawl. Four not five stars, though, I am a little disappointed at the quality of the printing. Mostly the words are clear, but there are few places where the print was not perfect. For the price I expected perfection. My friend loves the poem and I am sure the words will make her happy.


Very nice, but the cloth could be better quality

5/19/2019 by Linda

I love the idea of these scarves and I ordered one in the heavier fabric and one in the lighter, each one to use as a gift. It is sweatshirt material, heavy or light sweatshirt material. I would have preferred a nicer quality fabric. I bought these two as a test and was ready to buy more for myself and for gifts, but I won’t. They are a fun idea and not bad, so I’m giving them four stars.


Soft & Beauitful

5/14/2019 by Sandra

Gave this scarf to my daughter as a Mother-To-Be gift. It was so pretty and soft. She is having a boy, "A Little Prince"!


Fun for a Reader

2/24/2019 by Victoria

I do wish it didn't repeat: the same paragraphs appear several times. But it's a fine present for a reader


A little bit too big

2/14/2019 by Dario

I gave three of these as a gift but in spite of the kind words of gratitude, I have seen them worn once or twice max.

I asked my daughter about it and she said she loved it but she found it a little bit too big for a scarf.
Of course it is a matter of taste. The product is very well made and beautiful.

If you are a small lady please have this comment in mind and check the size carefully.


Unique gift.

2/13/2019 by Catherine

I gave this as a Christmas gift to one of my nieces. She loves to read, and now goes to College in a colder State, so I thought she could use this. She really liked it, but I haven’t heard if she’s worn it much yet. While I thought the quality of the printing could have been a little better, I was overall pleased with the scarf, and may order another one in the future.



12/28/2018 by Cheri

I gave this to my niece; she’s 40 and told me her favorite book is ‘Anne of Green Gables’
I think she loved the scarf!

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Mr. Darcy will keep you warm.

Wearable Words

Maker Tori Tissell made her first literary scarf with a Pride and Prejudice theme as a gift. The scarf was such a hit, handcrafting them soon became Tori’s full-time job.

Tori and her husband Chris created STORIARTS to celebrate some of literature’s most beloved works, like Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre, and The Wizard of Oz, by making them wearable. The infinity scarves are warm and soft—because, of course, a bookish scarf has to be cozy—and are made in Oregon.

Tori handpicks her favorite part from each book or poem and pairs it with a thematic color, like black for The Raven. Text and
illustrations are heat-set screen printed to prevent fading. At first glance, it might look like any type of print, but closer inspection reveals the words that make it so special. Each scarf gives back to literacy programs, making it an even more meaningful piece for book lovers. Read More Read Less