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Stud Finder

8/25/2020 by Harold

Very easy to find wall studs without electronic devises.


Finally!! A stud finder that is 100% accurate

7/7/2020 by Dallas

I installed a big flat screen TV on our wall with my old stud finder & it was a nightmare. I hate the inaccuracy of electronic stud finders! This is flawless & awesome. It was sooo nice to throw all other stud finders that I've bought through the years. I just want to install heavy things on walls just so I can use this gadget. Really pleased!



6/22/2020 by Luther

Well I finally it and it worked perfectly for me. Now I was only working with metal studs. I don't know if it work with wood studs. But I order it for locating metal studs and it works great. I had no problems locating studs.


Big hit with the guys

6/15/2020 by navymom

Gave a blue one to my husband and a red one to our son-in-law along with their other gifts for their shared birthday. Both were thrilled and excited to check around the room and find all the studs!! My husband used his this past week to hang a TV wall bracket and he said it was so much easier than using his old finder. Very happy and just want to say that every house should have one.



5/4/2020 by Donna

Was surprised on the first use how it finds the metal in the wall and the force of the magnets! Great little tool


It really works!

2/27/2020 by Ann

This little tool belongs in every home. Inexpensive, easy to use, easy to store.



2/17/2020 by MERCEDES

I love this. It is so much easier to use than more expensive ones.


Magnetic Stud Finder

11/21/2019 by Vickie

Wow. Dash and easy and right on target. Ingenious.


Works great

11/3/2019 by Karen

My husband has one but always misplacing it. I ordered back ups. This gadget really works, my husband says better than any other he has used.


Wonderful! Works like s charm!

11/1/2019 by sandy

Same as above!

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The StudPoP Story

Pop goes the stud finder

Simplified Finder

Maker John Blake created StudPoP magnetic stud finders after he found the (many) electronic versions he tried to be lacking.

John noticed electronic stud finders were often inaccurate, so his simplified tools don’t need batteries or calibration to work. Just run one along a wall, and the indicator will pop up and click. Integrated magnets do a better job locating studs than electronic ones that can struggle with thicker walls found in older homes. StudPoP can detect a metal fastener in a stud through a wall up to half an inch deep. Now hanging things like a mirror, picture frame, or shelves is
easier, in any type of space. Read More Read Less