Magnetic Stud Finder & Level Case of 12

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A magnificent device!

5/4/2020 by John

A magnificent device that works every time. Forget about all those electronica device is it constantly need a battery. This device work simply awful mother nature and works every single time perfectly.


Pleased so far

2/16/2020 by Regina

I bought this as a gift. My husband has not yet had a chance to put it to use. We both are very pleased with the product, and are looking forward to using it in the near future.


Quick stud finder

2/14/2020 by Jane

Quick and easy to use.


Christmas Present

12/28/2019 by Janeene

I bought 2 of these for a Christmas present, One for my husband and One for a friend. Both men liked the gift! ( I want to use it myself (shh).


It works!

11/1/2019 by Dorothy

I tried this and it is really easy to find those darn studs and level a picture as well! It’s so much easier than knocking on the wall and hoping to hear a different sound when I think a stud is lurking below (and usually isn’t!)! Since the gadget is quite small, it’s light and easy to handle and can then just be popped into a drawer!



7/14/2019 by Magda

I bought it for my husband & he loves using it in his projects.


works great

7/1/2019 by PEARL

came just in time. I used it the same day, and it works great.


a lifesaver in an old house

6/26/2019 by Peggy

Our house is over 100 years old and finding studs can be more than challenging. A+ product.


I love it

2/13/2019 by Pilar



Stud Finder

1/14/2019 by Monte

I've needed one of these for a long time, glad that you offered one at a very reasonable price. Have not had a need for one yet, but now I Own one, thanks

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The StudPoP Story

Pop goes the stud finder

Simplified Finder

Maker John Blake created StudPoP magnetic stud finders after he found the (many) electronic versions he tried to be lacking.

John noticed electronic stud finders were often inaccurate, so his simplified tools don’t need batteries or calibration to work. Just run one along a wall, and the indicator will pop up and click. Integrated magnets do a better job locating studs than electronic ones that can struggle with thicker walls found in older homes. StudPoP can detect a metal fastener in a stud through a wall up to half an inch deep. Now hanging things like a mirror, picture frame, or shelves is
easier, in any type of space. Read More Read Less