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Magnetic Stud Finder & Level Case of 12

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Simple, Effective and Blind-compatible

1/7/2019 by James

My Father-in-law is visually (and hearing) impared but still likes to help out and repair things around the house. This very simple magnetically-based finder that wobbles the joystick looking things whenever it goes over a nail is perfect for the task (and he really disliked trying to use an LED finder only to discover dead batteries yet again.) My first unit had a minor defect in that one of the magnetic disks had become detached from the joystick, but they shipped a new one quickly to replace it (and eventually you can pry off the back and re-glue it wth a little cyanoacrylate glue.) The thumbtack pin is held in with magnets as well, and usually stores in either of the designed holes. Quite sturdy and will last until you drive over it with a truck.


Works great

11/7/2018 by Marsha

I purchased this as a gift for my husband because traditional stud finders were a pain. He is in the middle of some renovations and uses it a lot. He loves it.



10/18/2018 by Katy

We live in a home built in 1960 and I don’t know if they used standard spacing for studs or if we just have some bad worksmabship but this has been a really helpful tool. It’s handy and convenient and I really like the tack to make a little notch.


Love it!!!!

10/3/2018 by Loretta

Love it. Practical, functional. This is the solution for someone who has always had problem finding a the stud.



9/13/2018 by fran

just what I needed no odd ball holes in my wall and Thank You John for the help


magnetic stud finder

7/27/2018 by ROBERT

Thing just works fantastic, well worth the money I paid. Am thinking of buying a couple more for gifts, I know they would really enjoy them.



7/26/2018 by J

Same as the single baby one-works great!



7/25/2018 by Skip



Popped as promised

7/3/2018 by MaryAlice

I bought this and shortly after receiving it I needed to hang something but had no idea where the stud was. I found the stud easily when the pop occurred. I love this!!!



6/29/2018 by Patricia

Still hanging artwork in my new home & this StudPoP level came at the right time. I had to have it# YAY!!!

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The StudPoP Story

Pop goes the stud finder

Simplified Finder

Maker John Blake created StudPoP magnetic stud finders after he found the (many) electronic versions he tried to be lacking.

John noticed electronic stud finders were often inaccurate, so his simplified tools don’t need batteries or calibration to work. Just run one along a wall, and the indicator will pop up and click. Integrated magnets do a better job locating studs than electronic ones that can struggle with thicker walls found in older homes. StudPoP can detect a metal fastener in a stud through a wall up to half an inch deep. Now hanging things like a mirror, picture frame, or shelves is
easier, in any type of space. Read More Read Less