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Magnetic Stud Finder & Level Case of 12

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Overall good idea

9/17/2018 by TBird

Great idea and works very well - provided there is metal to utilize the pop up magnets to work. I’ve used this several times, and provided there’s metal; it works great. (If no metal, it works like any other - especially in smaller confined spaces)



9/14/2018 by Leolander

It does what I thought it would, the push pin doesn’t hold it in place that good, but overall it’s easy to use.


Very good

8/27/2018 by Randy L

Works well for finding studs with the help of the blue magnates that sit up straight when it picks up metal.



7/25/2018 by Wendy

Good tool to have around the house or shop, but I wish the magnets were a bit stronger. Good value.


Pretty good

6/23/2018 by Eva M.

Not bad but there is no place to keep pins without losing them. As they are part of the best possible usage, the sharp pins should be attached to the level somehow as they are integral part of its function.


Looks like it came from the dollar store

2/24/2019 by andrea

I was a little disappointed in the quality of this product. Hopefully, it will work better than it plastic pieces and not worth the price.


This is OK

2/14/2019 by W F



It didn't find the studs in our walls.

7/16/2018 by Virginia

My husband tried it on our walls and it didn't stand up when he ran it over our if we didn't have any studs!! We have standard sheet rock on them and they were nailed up. I returned the StudPoP for a refund.

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The StudPoP Story

Pop goes the stud finder

Simplified Finder

Maker John Blake created StudPoP magnetic stud finders after he found the (many) electronic versions he tried to be lacking.

John noticed electronic stud finders were often inaccurate, so his simplified tools don’t need batteries or calibration to work. Just run one along a wall, and the indicator will pop up and click. Integrated magnets do a better job locating studs than electronic ones that can struggle with thicker walls found in older homes. StudPoP can detect a metal fastener in a stud through a wall up to half an inch deep. Now hanging things like a mirror, picture frame, or shelves is
easier, in any type of space. Read More Read Less