Bamboo Suction Plate & Spoon Case of 10

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Good gift item

11/1/2019 by Diana

Good gift item. Much appreciated by parents!


Highly recommended

2/9/2019 by Bonnie

This plate and spoon are more portable than what my grandson was using. We love that it is natural and has no harmful products in the construction. Looks great too!


What a great plate!

1/30/2019 by Pat

This is a wonderful dish for toddlers! No more knocking the plate on the floor when they are done eating. My daughter-in-law tells me this is one of the best gadgets she has ever had for her children!


Geat dish for toddlers

1/29/2019 by audrey

I bought this dish for my great-granddaughter. Her mother loved it so much that I just ordered the bowl to go with it.


We use they had more of this fir my children.

12/23/2019 by Wanda

It simple & fun...


Not for a smart toddler

2/1/2019 by DIANA

My 14 month old grandson figured this out in less than 10 seconds. No matter how we turned the bowl, he found the little tab and popped it off his tray. Sent it back. Very nice mayerials but doesn’t stay down as it should.



6/24/2019 by Linda

This looked like just the right answer for my great grandson, who loved to pick up his plate and dump the contents. But all it took was a little effort and he picked up the plate and left the ring stuck to the table. And getting the ring back on was an act of Congress! It almost takes two of us to accomplish it!
I spent a lot of money for this and the matching bowl and was terribly disappointed with both.
I would have sent them back but my grandson threw away all the packaging and return information.
This was definitely not what it was cracked up to be. Terribly disappointed!

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The Avanchy Story

Avanchy | Bamboo Non-Slip Baby & Toddler Dishes

Tiny Diners

When Avanchy Maker Faisal Khan’s twins were toddlers, he had a mealtime epiphany. He was so careful about feeding them the best organic food he could find, yet he served it all on maybe-not-so-great plastic dishes.

Faisal’s dream dishes and bowls must-haves? Eco-friendly and functional. If they could look good, too, that would be a bonus. Sounds like an easy ask, but Faisal struggled to find a worthy option. He decided to make his own from organic and sustainable bamboo and food-grade silicone. Both materials pull a lot of weight in the dishes, bowls, and spoons scaled for tiny diners. Bamboo
is durable and naturally anti-microbial and antibacterial. Non-toxic and BPA-free silicone gives the bowls and dishes an airtight suction grip on surfaces, which helps control meal-time messes. A sneaky-smart pull-tab lets parents break the seal.

We appreciate Faisal’s pursuit of elevating mealtime staples for his kids and the sophisticated, kid-friendly pieces he created.
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