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Beantown Bedding

Retail Starter Kit

2 Reviews (5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Military use


These would be great for the military as they have no way to wash their sheets. I would send regular sheets to my husband every 2 weeks so he could have fresh bedding.


Travel necessity


I loved these sheets! They were soft and comfortable, and I loved how I could dispose of them without feeling bad. It freed up space in my luggage for all the souvenirs. I used them in two hostels for a total of one week. I'll definitely buy them again.

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The Beantown Bedding Story

Beantown Bedding - Laundry-Free Linens

Clean Dreams

Beantown Bedding co-founders, Joan Ripple and Kirsten Lambert, came up with the idea for disposable sheets when they learned that their college-aged kids rarely, if ever, washed their bedding while away at school. The thought of dust mites, bacteria, and mold making themselves at home in their sons' and daughters' beds made Joan and Kirsten’s skin crawl.

With their kids’ health and hygiene in mind, they created laundry free eco-friendly sheet sets that can be used for days or weeks and then discarded. Beantown Bedding’s unique Eucalyptus/Tencel blend and clean manufacturing process make the
sheets not only soft, durable, and hypoallergenic, but biodegradable as well. When the sheets get dirty, just throw them away , or better yet, put them in a compost pile, and they'll be returned to nature in as little as two weeks.

The appeal of disposable sheets extends well beyond college campuses. For overnight camp, home health care, and vacation property rentals, Beantown Bedding is a clean and simple solution that lets you and your family rest easy.
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