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Works better than any silicone spray!

7/21/2020 by Chris

We recently had some 8 foot Andersen sliding doors installed and had the installer come back to make then easier to slide. He tried silicone spray, as did I, to no avail.

I ordered this product as a last hope and it worked extremely well.


WOW!! Got mine 2 years ago & still going!

4/4/2020 by Lin

This stuff really does do everything...I used it on my squeaky metal shower curtain rod, done, I used it on the zippers on om boots and jackets, smooth... I used it on the tracks of my screen slider glides perfectly, I used it on a hand saw blade too! This stuff will last years and years!


Love It

4/3/2020 by Shauna

I originally bought this for my windows that would stick all of the time, but I’ve found so many different ways to use this around the house, car, spin bike, etc. I‘ve purchased this as part of a home warming gift and for my uncle who’s a carpenter, they love it too!


Sliding Along!

11/4/2019 by Just a Guy in TX

I live in an older home. I had some wooden drawers that were sticking in my kitchen. I rubbed some Bee's Knees on the sides of the drawers and now everything moves so much easier and quieter as well! So far, I am loving this!!


Works for so many things

11/2/2019 by Patricia

Beeswax is the perfect lubricant. Works on stubborn
zippers and sticking drawers.


Seems to work better than a spray on

7/15/2019 by Richard

Used this Wax round on a sticking door, that I had tried a bee's wax spray on previously.
This round is easier to grip and hold and I can see where it is applied.


Saves the day!

5/1/2019 by lisanne

Super practical item! I've already lubricated several zippers (from jackets to cloth pouches). Love it came in a set of 2 (great deal)!


A must for every home

2/17/2019 by Nancy

This stuff is fantastic! I originally got it for my cars hatch which sticks sometimes. It worked flawlessly.
Then I applied some to my husbands coat zipper which was always getting stuck, again it worked flawlessly. Then I tried some on my back door which squeaks no matter what I put on it. I am truly amazed, it silenced that old door with one application!
Isn’t it amazing that something so simple, made by nature and causes no harm works without fail?
I will definitely be buying more for gifts in the future, as nobody should be without this gem.



2/13/2019 by Marjorie W

Coat zippers slide; stuck items slide; works on suitcase zipper.


Better than the candle

1/12/2017 by Ann

This is such a handy tool. I have been using a candle for years but this is so much more convenient with it's little case. I have already used it on cranky zippers & squeaky doors. There are so many uses. I am sure younger people can google it to discover more. I love this product!

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The Bee's Knees Super Wax Story

Bee's Knees - All-purpose Household Wax

Smooth operator

From stuck windows to unreliable zippers, many of life’s little annoyances have a common solution: Bee's Knees All-Purpose Household Wax.

Bee's Knees Super Wax founder Linda Mendonca made this discovery organically in her own life. After years of using beeswax to turn zippers from temperamental to smooth-gliding, she decided to try it on a squeaky fan belt. Then on the balky snaps that lined her canvas boat tarps.

Linda just kept finding new uses: tangle-proofing sewing thread, smoothing rusty tools, unsticking slider doors, troubleshooting keys that resist turning, and countless others. She
decided to make this 100% beeswax problem solver available to everyone in a convenient, American made bar.

This household lubricant is as simple as it gets: the age-old wisdom of grandmothers now fits in your backpack, purse, or glove box. You’ll quickly discover that this all-purpose fixer is an accessory you can’t do without.
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