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Bug Protector

All-Natural Bug Sprays Case of 12

Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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Good protection!

7/26/2018 by stacy

Spray in when going on a hike where I know there are bugs! Keeps them away!


No itchy bites for us!

6/27/2018 by Brittany

I bought this for my bestie and I to take camping. We remembered to apply it every evening except one. The nights we used this we had no bites. The night we forgot we each got a couple, but once we put it on there were no more! Long story short, it definitely works and it smells pretty great, too *thumbs up*


Ordering it again...

3/27/2018 by Carmen

I love this spray... My daughter uses it too... I'm getting ready to order it again...


Best Bug Spray EVER!

1/2/2018 by Kimberly

I love this stuff! Bugs will fly by everybody in a three state radius to get to me. I hate how oily and gross regular bug sprays are. This works great! Keeps pests away, smells great, isn't oily and is all natural so I don't mind spraying a bit on the dog too! Buy this stuff NOW!


This stuff is FANTASTIC!

8/14/2017 by Susan

I've used many DEET-free bug repellents in the past. They've never worked and leave me smelling like I've bathed in an antiseptic. This product smells sooo good -- to me at least, not the bugs. I can sit on my patio for hours with no problems from mosquitoes or gnats. I only reapply because I like the smell of it so much.


Best ever bug spray

8/13/2017 by Pamela

Works great! Loving that me and my kids can be DEET FREE with this all natural bug spray


Love it!

10/13/2016 by Kaeko

I moved to NY from SF Bay Area and with the humid summer, experienced bug bites when out with my dog. Not enough breeze like in Belmont to keep mosquitos away so I started getting bit. I taste good to bugs!! I don't like the sticky string smelling keep bugs away sprays. So when I came across this product I got it and it's great! Mild smell that is kind of nice and goes away right away. It also keeps bugs away!!


Protecting my grandchildren

8/22/2016 by Boyd

This Deet-free bug protector is a great product. I'm old enough that I don't worry too much about personal exposure to Deet-type insecticides. But I care a lot about my 5 very young grandchildren in this era of alarming Zika, Equine encephalitis, and other mosquito-spread diseases. I bought 4 sets to equip the households where they live and play. As a physician who follows the epidemiology literature, I don't trust the future of my grandchildren to short-term analyses of the health risks of insecticide/herbicide exposure. This Bug Protector product uses natural ingredients, has a delightful aroma, doesn't irritate the skin ---- and, most important of all, it works!


Works Well

8/21/2016 by Stanley

No problems with mosquitoes or small gnat type bugs on early morning dog walks.


VERY Satisfied

8/19/2016 by Robert

Works well for me and lasts for most of the day depending on how much sweat. I spend quite a bit of time out doors and I have not had the bug problem I have had in the past. The nice thing with this product is NO CHEMICALS. Also has a pleasant scent. I've actually been complimented on it several times in various stores. Sounds like another business opportunity.

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The Bug Protector Story

A bug repellant you can wear to bed.

Bugs at bay

This all-natural bug spray is made from ingredients you might find in your pantry. The combined scent of lemongrass, geranium, peppermint, and cinnamon oil is pleasant for you, but not for insects.

As a bonus, the formula won’t leave any sticky residue, so it’s good for grown-ups and kids alike. You could even put some on before bed.

Since it’s DEET-free, Bug Protector is as easy on the environment as it is on you. To show how committed they are to the planet, Bug Protector became a certified B-Corp—meeting high standards for social and environmental responsibility.

With one spray, you’ll
protect yourself and the environment. As for the bugs, thankfully they’re on their own. Read More Read Less