My Two Ladies

Adjustable Straight Knitting Needle System

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Better than circulars for blankets

8/14/2020 by Mitzi

These needles work great. I’m so glad I bought them. They make it so much easier to move the work up and turn it over when I’m done with a row.


Pricey but very nice addition to knitting tools

6/26/2019 by Molly

They're certainly expensive, but I love the feel of these rose wood needles. Clearly well made, they are similar to bamboo in weight but much smoother for stitch transfer. I'm still struggling a little with the cable system, but I just started using them. I like that I can completely spread out my baby afghan to check the pattern (much easier than with circular needles).



2/14/2019 by Michelle

An easier way to hold all the weight of a large project!


Works Great

9/17/2018 by TBird

I bought this for my spouse and she said it works great! (Thumbs up for me)



8/5/2018 by Sandie

I like these needles . You can lay your work out flat so you can see if there are any errors. I want more in different sizes.


Love the needles

3/27/2018 by Kristina

I love these needles. I am knitting an afghan and it is much simpler to have two separate needles than to have circular tool with a needle on each end.


Adjust to the project

7/20/2020 by Barbara

Good for people who don’t like circular needles.



3/26/2018 by Karen

These are lovely and have a great feel. I’ve recently re-learned to knit after many years of not doing so. Circular needles were new to me this time and a little awkward. I think these sort of give you the best of both worlds...plenty of room for lots of stitches but without the awkwardness of the one cable. My only wish is that they were a little less expensive. I’m sure they’re probably worth it, but for my budget, being able to buy many different sizes won’t happen very quickly.


Still on the fence

5/24/2019 by Sandra

I made a full size collage blanket, My granddaughter is over 6 ft. It took a month and I’d say there is a learning curve. One needs to stay relaxed and let the needles turn as you work. I Also though the needles would be easier to use if a little shorter and the wire a little thinner. I will have it try then again.



1/4/2019 by Audrey

It might be my lack of ability since I am a beginner in knitting, but the yarn from the yarn bowl kept getting wrapped around the wires. It was hard enough to try to learn to cast on without having to untie the wires. If you’re a beginner, try using regular needles first.

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The My Two Ladies Story

A knitter’s delight.

Rosewood Needles

The rosewood knitting needles from My Two Ladies Knitting are a beautifully made solution that keeps hundreds of stitches at the forefront of the needle and puts less strain on your wrists, too.

The needles are handcrafted by a family in India and the special finish used makes them smooth and easy to maneuver. Each one has a rotating, 20-inch cord with a rosewood stopper and a spring-activated slider. Both are adjustable to accommodate different sized projects, and they work together to keep your stitches neat, tight, and easy to reach.

While struggling to knit—and wrangle—a bulky blanket,
Founder Alexis Mantione had the idea to create this system that she now can’t imagine knitting without. The ladies at the local knitting studio (including the actual Two Ladies) agreed, and gave her clever solution their stamp of approval. Read More Read Less