Screen Mom

16 oz Natural Screen Cleaning Kit Case of 25

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Really works!

8/18/2020 by Steve

We have grubby boys smearing stuff on screens all the time. This stuff takes care of that and is great for cleaning eyeglasses, too.


Screen Cleaner

7/20/2020 by William

Used this product on computer screen, TV, cell phone; it works great.


Nice Cleaner

7/20/2020 by Susan

This cleaner and cloth do an excellent job on electronic screens. They get out smears from fingerprints, but also those left by using other cleaners on your electronics.


Cleans Screens Beautifully

6/21/2020 by Jim

So pleased with this product that I bought a bottle for our second home. Works great on laptops, cell phones, and eyeglasses!


Absolutely love it.

5/26/2020 by Sandra

Not just for screens on devices...great for eyeglasses and mirrors.



5/8/2020 by P

It seems to work very well. I was satisfied with this product.


Easy to use; fantastic product

4/13/2020 by Patricia

Here is another discovery I made at
Given the current Covid-19 pandemic, my husband and I have been watching more TV be it news or great programming (PBS, Netflix, AmazonPrime, HBO). And doing more ZOOM meetings for working out (trying!), and gatherings with family and dear friends. Everywhere, I am seeing dirt and streaks on our television screen, computer monitor and cellphone. A few squirts of this and a few wipes with the special cloth that comes with it and voila, it’s gone. Wish I could use it to spray my house clean. Thanks again folks at Grommet!


Screen Mom

3/31/2020 by BOB

Excellent non harsh cleaner. Works great on tv and mobile devices.


Very nice product

2/15/2020 by Patrick

Cleans my phone glass very gd and computer screen also TV screen. Keep making gd products



2/11/2020 by Catherine

This product is amazing it makes your screen on your TV &
Computer So Clear it looks better than when you first bought it.

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The Screen Mom Story

Screen Mom | Natural Screen Cleaner

Clean Screens

Amanda is the real mom behind Screen Mom, the natural cleaner for things like TVs, tablets, phones, laptops, and even glasses. Amanda has five kids, so that added up to lots of fingerprints and smudges on the electronics in her home. The typical cleaners she tried tended to have negative results, like leaving streaks or giving her a headache.

This DIY mom enlisted her engineer husband to help create a plant-based formula to do the grime-removing job on screens in a kid- and pet-friendlier way. There’s no odor and there also isn’t any ammonia, alcohol, or phosphates in it, either. This more
natural approach to cleaning up is one we appreciated when we tried it out and we especially liked that while the cleaner removed dust and dirt from our devices, it didn’t leave any streaks in its wake. Read More Read Less