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Wildlife World

Solitary Bee Hive Case of 6

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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1/27/2020 by Lana

My dad was a beekeeper and my sister is an avid gardener. I bought this as a gift for her to put in her garden & remind her of dad. Beautiful little beehive with a copper top! Excellent product. :) She loved it!



11/1/2019 by calf

I was so pleased when I received this! It's beautifully made, easy to disassemble for cleaning.


The Bee's Knees!

9/22/2019 by Sam

Birthday gift for my 86 year old mother... Perfect size, well made, good price, ideal for the type of bees in her area. She can't wait to find a good place to locate it and watch the bees move in.


Cute, useful and environmentally safe

6/4/2019 by Lee

I bought the bee house because I’m a plant an nature lover so I know the importance of bees. It’s in a patio table next to potted plants as a nice decoration. Lately when I’ve seen bees going in and out I’m so happy I got it. Useful and decorative means I’m happy with my purchase.


awesome looking

3/4/2019 by Don

it is still to cold to put it outside. about two more weeks and we should be good to go. it is awesome looking a well built



2/13/2019 by Bobbi

I just hope wasps don’t find it first and take over.


Nicely made

1/7/2019 by barbara

I bought this for a friend who wants to naturalize her yard as much as possible. The bee house is quite diminutive so you can find different places to put it that will be unobtrusive.

Mason bees are particularly attractive because not only do they pollinate, but they don't sting. The only thing I didn't know beforehand is that the bees are only available in our area in the spring. So I told her the bees will be her March birthday present.

The house looks like it will withstand the weather in the Northwest, and she says she's found the perfect location for early sun on the hive and she'll be able to watch the bees come and go.


Wonderful Addition to Garden

12/31/2018 by Sherry

My son and his husband are thrilled with this hive. It's good-looking and will be great in their natural garden. Now my other son-in-law wants one!


A great gift for your garden.... or someone else’s garden!

12/31/2018 by Cheryl

This year this house for solitary bees was on my list of meaningful gifts. It is no secret that our bugs and pollinators are on the decline and under attack. One of the ways to not only improve your own habitat for pollinators such as mason and orchard bees, but to educate the next generation of guardians is setting up these solitary bee hives. Not only can you feel good about providing housing, you can also open it to show kids and adults the impact of the housing. It can be cleaned out and reused too!! I am excited to put some of these out on our farm this spring.


Well Built

8/6/2018 by Vicki

Received on time and not only well built it's 'cute' - this is exactly what I have been looking for - for my garden. We are getting more and more different Bees and I already have a Mason Bee home. I wish we could have a Bee hive for all the honey Bees I see in our yard - there is already a hive in our area. This is for the Single Bees.

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The Wildlife World Story

Should you open an Air Bee and Bee?

Air Bee ‘n Bee

Put a hotel—or two—in your yard. Attract beneficial insects and animals into your local ecology with these beautifully designed habitat houses.

The folks at Wildlife World put a lot of thought and care into their designs, testing out everything from their bat boxes to butterfly habitats on a 35-acre farm in the UK. Each one is sustainably built, with timber that’s FSC certified and sourced from well-managed forests and other elements (like plastic or metal) that’s recycled.

Each little habitat doesn’t just look adorable, it also suits the needs of its guests while helping out your
surroundings. Bees and butterflies pollinate, which helps keep your garden lush; while bats and frogs ward off pests.

Besides all those benefits, these critter homes are filled with learning opportunities, too. Scientific concepts like “pollination” and “the food chain” are way less abstract when you can see them come to life and point them out in nature . . . better yet, in your own yard.
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