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Awesome Tape Holder

8/8/2016 by Nancy Lee

I purchase this because it was going to be easier for ME to use this holder as my husband would never have bought it! So, now this wife is a happy camper!!! Love it and you will too!!!

Nancy in NOLA


Great Product, but needs small refinement

7/12/2016 by John

I love the Tadpole Tape Cutters - small and efficient, without all of the hassle of the larger tape cutters.

1 minor suggestion: Please make the 2 tape holding nubs larger. Frequently, the tape falls back onto the roll and it is a real pain to have to reload frequently. If you double their size, they will more effectively hold the tape, while not being too much of a problem to load.


Very cool gadget!

7/11/2016 by Amy

I was a little skeptical about this before getting the tadpole tape cutter attached. I thought it worked great! No more need for the clunky tape gun.


Would purchase it again!

7/11/2016 by Lani

Love it!! Takes the frustration out of feeling for the end of the tape, and you're always going to get straight edge.


Everyone needs one!!

7/3/2016 by Anne

Sure beats cutting tape with scissors... Wish I thought of it.... Love it!


Works great!

7/3/2016 by Linda

After reading past reviews about difficulties using the Tadpole, I was hesitant to order. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have difficulty with the large clear packing tape that I use for my small Internet-based business. The Tadpole is SO easy to use and makes storing my tape simple. I highly recommend it.

If I had any suggestion, it would be for a better way to keep the tape edges from falling back down onto the roll between uses. It's something I personally struggle with, so I'm sure others might, also.


gotta have one

7/1/2016 by tammi

This is the handiest little device I have come across in a long time. No more fighting with lost tape ends. Super easy to use.


Works great!

7/1/2016 by karin

Wow..now i don't waste tape any longer! This is easy to use and i no longer have to spend time trying to find where i left off from the previous time i used the tape!


Wonderful Tool

7/1/2016 by Cathleen

I ordered all 3 sizes of the Tadpole tape cutter and I love them! I use the 1" for masking/craft tape, the 2" for duct tape, and the 1.5" for everything in the middle. The Tadpoles are strong and easy to use, which saves me from trying to hold the box, hold the tape, and cut the tape. Just "ZIP" and the Tadpole is ready to use. I am giving some of these as gifts in the next year. Great website, useful products, and very efficient.


The Best Tape Cutter!

6/30/2016 by Joyce

I bought the single tape cutter and also the set of 3. They work great! I have tried many ways to keep the end of the tape so I can use it quickly, and nothing worked until I got this Tadpole!!

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The Tadpole Story

Tadpole | Tape Cutter

How to Cut Tape

Ever struggled to find the end of a tape roll, or to cut off pieces? The Tadpole tape cutter will put an end to that.

This time (and sanity) saver gives you a clean, straight piece of tape every time. Its bungee-like cord attaches the blade to a roll, staying flush against the tape—like a less-bulky tape gun that’s even easier to use.

Lee Mallahan III created Tadpole after fighting to get straight pieces of painters tape for numerous glass door panes. Besides giving tape users everywhere a much-needed break, Tadpole gives back, too. It’s Made in the USA by partners from The Louisiana
Association for the Blind.

Tadpole is low profile enough to keep on any roll in your toolbox or kitchen drawer—electrical, duct, masking, painters. And when one roll is finished, Tadpole goes right onto the next. Now you can stop using scissors, a box cutter, a knife—or worse, your teeth—to get a piece of tape.
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