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not worth the trouble

7/1/2016 by elaine

I get very impatient with this product and really do not see the importance of it. The rubber bungee does not want to stay on nor does the tape want to come with the "tadpole". I am not impressed with it at all.


Not satisfied

6/30/2016 by Lucille

I was not very happy that one of the three tadpoles that I ordered was broken. It led me to believe that the others would not hold up either. I returned all three and did not reorder.


Not worth the price

6/30/2016 by Julie

The video was persuasive enough that I figured for the price, the Tadpole must be an investment tool. Hah! They're cheap and and nothing special. At the very least, I expected a bit of tape would remain in the Tadpole slot and not roll back on the reel after a cut was made. I had use my fingernail to scrape up a new portion of thin postal tape after each cut. Also, getting elastic straps inserted in the slots wasn't a smooth operation. They eventually went in properly, but only after poking, prodding, coaxing and swearing. My first unhappy Grommet purchase. Very disappointing.



6/30/2016 by Terri

I ordered two sets of Tabpoles and have not been at all successful with them. They don't work as easily as is shown in the video and the tape doesn't stay. The only thing I've been able to do with them is use them to cut the tape. I still have to bend a corner of the tape so I can pull it from the roll and the tadpoles don't actually help with that at all. Not my favorite.


not for me

6/30/2016 by Lorraine

i've tried different tapes and different sizes of tapes and have yet to get it to work for me it look so easy in the tutorial but I tried and tried and just gave up it could just be me this is my honest opinion



6/30/2016 by Craig

I cannot keep the roll of tape from losing the start of the tool. Works the same as the cheep plastic tape cutters/holder as sold in big box stores. Waste of money


Love fishing

6/30/2016 by Craig

This item did not work as advertised.I would not recommend this item


A bust!

6/30/2016 by Jeanne

Sorry, but these did not work for me. It was hard to get the tape to roll ...... I hope others had better luck.


not pleased

6/30/2016 by Robert

I am dissappointed with this product. Perhaps some hints on the packaging as to the correct way to route the tape as I must be doing something incorrectly.


Not worth the money. I would not recommend.

6/30/2016 by Fred

I bought one of each size. Only 1 came in a package - the other two in a plastic ziploc sandwich baggie. No instructions on use. Difficult to use. I would not recommend this product.

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The Tadpole Story

Tadpole | Tape Cutter

How to Cut Tape

Ever struggled to find the end of a tape roll, or to cut off pieces? The Tadpole tape cutter will put an end to that.

This time (and sanity) saver gives you a clean, straight piece of tape every time. Its bungee-like cord attaches the blade to a roll, staying flush against the tape—like a less-bulky tape gun that’s even easier to use.

Lee Mallahan III created Tadpole after fighting to get straight pieces of painters tape for numerous glass door panes. Besides giving tape users everywhere a much-needed break, Tadpole gives back, too. It’s Made in the USA by partners from The Louisiana
Association for the Blind.

Tadpole is low profile enough to keep on any roll in your toolbox or kitchen drawer—electrical, duct, masking, painters. And when one roll is finished, Tadpole goes right onto the next. Now you can stop using scissors, a box cutter, a knife—or worse, your teeth—to get a piece of tape.
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