Tear Mender

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Kinda messy, but it works

6/20/2015 by Heather

The Tear Mender is a really great idea. I've used it on few different types of fabric and it's held! But it's left a residue, even when used on denim. That said, I still like and use the product.


Tear mender for inseam repair

9/10/2014 by Annie

I got tear mender as a possible way to fix the inseams on my pants. I am overweight and the inseams of my pants rub thin. 99% of the pants I wear are black and tear mender dried a light beige color. I colored it with a black permanent marker and the marker has kept the repairs dark through several washings. Although the tear mender secured the seams quite nicely, when worn, the latex seams grabbed each other as I walked. The product did recommend a patch, however I was trying to bring two sides of a seam together and thought a patch would be overkill. I am going to experiment with using a patch to cover the tear mender and hopefully reduce the “grabbing” as I walk.


Tear Mender

5/16/2014 by Linda

My daughter got this for me and I loved it. I pulled it out recently to repair a stuffed rocking horse and it was quite runny and didn't seem to hold as well or dry as fast. I looked at the label and read that it only lasts a year, I wish it would have been more prominent on the bottle.


It does work

1/15/2014 by Ellen

Works well on fabric, not so well with leather. Tried to mend some leather gloves and the patches kept coming unstuck at the edges. For fabric though, it does as advertised.


This will ruin your clothes!

4/11/2020 by Michelle

Do NOT use this on clothes or anything else you care about!!! The first time I used it, I applied it with a very small paintbrush to the inside of a small torn flap on a jacket. It literally dried on contact, causing the filling from inside the jacket to stick to the brush and be pulled out with it. It ended up looking worse than it did before I tried to fix it. On top of that it also couldn't be removed from the brush. The second time I used it to attach a patch to a small hole in my husband's jeans (from the inside of course), and it soaked through the fabric and left stains on the right side. The stains cannot be removed so the jeans are completely ruined. Not only is the product a total waste of money, but it will cost you even more money by ruining the things you use it on.


No to Tear Mender

11/25/2019 by Debra

Cut a hole in a white cap for a play. Used the Glue Mender and it discolored to a horrible yucky yellow beige. Plus it is impossible to removed. Yes it mended the tear but it does not dry white. Truly disappointed.


Wouldn't Buy It

6/4/2018 by Eric

I tried it on a dress shirt where there was a small rip. It did "repair'" the rip but created a messy looking spot on my shirt. One friend commented saying, "Looks like a bird crapped on your shirt." I guess it's ok to use if repair is not going to be seen.


Good idea but bottle clogs up and glue is not invisible

1/4/2018 by Donya

I like the idea of this because I cannot sew to save my life but the bottle got all clogged and the glue dries white and visible and very hard/rough.


Tear Mender

9/7/2015 by Valorie

I was excited to receive this order, but very disappointed. I used it to mend my flannel Pajamas. It works, but it turns all it touches into an ugly yellow stain. I am upset. These pj's are old but quality that I cared to preserve and use. So I am not happy and would not recommend this product for this reason. It did the job, but has ugly results.
Unhappy customer,
Valorie Littin.


Didn't work for my needs

8/2/2014 by Jackie

I needed to repair a hole in a sling seat of a patio chair. This did not nold and was yellowish-tan in color and showed up. Not good for this at all. Also found it cheaper on other sites.

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The Tear Mender Story

Tear Mender - Liquid Fabric Adhesive

Quick Fix for Rips

One bright side of dire environmental predictions is that we’re all a little less wasteful and more apt to fix, rather than replace, damaged goods.

During the 1930s, Val “the Bish” Cismoski came up with a way to quickly repair canvas belts on steam-powered machinery, so farmers wouldn’t have to lose precious harvesting time to replace a torn belt. Fast-forward 75 years, and we’re putting the same formula to use mending ripped clothes, torn seat cushions and frayed shoelaces.

Tear Mender is a natural and non-toxic liquid adhesive that bonds fabric upon contact. You can apply it like glue on a
tear, or spread it on a fabric patch, and it bonds in minutes. Repaired fabrics stay flexible and soft even after washing, says Jerry Cismoski, (on the left) who is the Bish’s son and runs the third-generation company.

So if you’ve got a dropped hem, a broken belt loop, or a run in the carpet, give Tear Mender a try. It also works great on tears in the seat of your car, damaged sports gear, or rips in a tent (it’s waterproof and UV-resistant). Why throw out something that you can easily repair with Tear Mender?
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