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Heres a use for this I'm sure you've never heard before

7/30/2018 by Ptrisha

So...I bought a doberman puppy who just had its ears cropped and poor dog had them bandaged and taped together at the top of his head...they put popsicle sticks INSIDE his ears and it had rubbed them raw and bleeding. So I figured there had to be a better way, less painful and annoying (poor dog was drivin nuts)...I tried sticking breathright strips to his ears, these are stiff plastic adhesives used to stop snoring, you stick them to your face...anyhow worked ok but kept falling or getting scratched off, long story short...I glued them with this product OUTSIDE the ears just at the edge where his ear tried to fall...they stuck no matter what my dog did, no more sticks or bandages just a small almost invisible breathright strip OUTSIDE his ear. They would eventually wear off (due to hair growth and body oils) and I'd just replace them. Saved my poor puppy tons of pain and grief. Ive used it to keep bandages in place on my horses, wouldn't even hesitate to glue a patch to myself in a crunch...This product is safe enough to use on skin and really works on leather and clothing. 100% recommend it to everyone. Please note that it's easily removed from skin but NOT from materials.



7/26/2018 by Robyn

I know how to sew, even have a sewing machine, but this product is fantastic. It's quick and easy; especially great for an emergency .


It works!

6/24/2018 by Nancy

I used this on a torn outside patio umbrella and it is truly amazing how well it’s held up thru the wind and weather.
I also used some to put a backing on a homemade rug with excellent results.


First Test

5/20/2018 by The Gadgeteer

I purchased Tear Mender because our RV cover had suffered damage from our four-wheeler and plow this past winter. My husband and I were able to patch several small tears and one giant one. It takes a bit of getting used to as the formula is a bit thinner than I would’ve thought, but once we figured that out, it was smooth sailing.


Tear Mender

10/14/2017 by Nancy

I’m on my 2d bottle! I’ve mended jeans, coats, dolls, rugs, etc. Love this stuff! Won’t be without it!



8/29/2017 by Eileen Frances

I have tried many products to mend my son's jeans and nothing has worked until this. And Tear Mender doesn't just work on clothing - I could hardly believe the many uses for it! Tear Mender comes in 2 sizes for one price - an ample sized one for all the things that need fixing at home and a travel sized one for fixing on the go. Recommend 100%!


It gets the job done

3/23/2017 by Meghan

This stuff works and is strong, but it isn't invisible and drys kind of whitish. But for work clothes and kids play clothes this is the BEST. If you have someone in your family that can own a pair of jeans for 5 seconds before there is a rip in the knee, this is going to be your new best friend.


fixed old coat

3/2/2017 by lionel

saved my favorite old coat for another season or two


Really works on patches!

2/19/2017 by Jasmine

Used it to patch the seat area on my adult daughters jeans. I've tried lots of glues and patching methods (used to own a craft supply store) and have never had one hold up for more than a few wearings or a couple of washes, but this one is holding! Be sure to follow the directions to put the glue on using a finger tip or something as it is very runny and can soak through too easily otherwise. You don't need much to hold the fabric. Works great on hems too. I wouldn't use it on something super thin like silk cause it will soak through and cause dark spots. I think it would work well for attaching rhinestones or other appliqué items too. Really happy I got this


Tear Mender

6/28/2016 by Naomi

I like this. The mend is permanent on the jeans I've used it on.

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The Tear Mender Story

Tear Mender - Liquid Fabric Adhesive

Quick Fix for Rips

One bright side of dire environmental predictions is that we’re all a little less wasteful and more apt to fix, rather than replace, damaged goods.

During the 1930s, Val “the Bish” Cismoski came up with a way to quickly repair canvas belts on steam-powered machinery, so farmers wouldn’t have to lose precious harvesting time to replace a torn belt. Fast-forward 75 years, and we’re putting the same formula to use mending ripped clothes, torn seat cushions and frayed shoelaces.

Tear Mender is a natural and non-toxic liquid adhesive that bonds fabric upon contact. You can apply it like glue on a
tear, or spread it on a fabric patch, and it bonds in minutes. Repaired fabrics stay flexible and soft even after washing, says Jerry Cismoski, (on the left) who is the Bish’s son and runs the third-generation company.

So if you’ve got a dropped hem, a broken belt loop, or a run in the carpet, give Tear Mender a try. It also works great on tears in the seat of your car, damaged sports gear, or rips in a tent (it’s waterproof and UV-resistant). Why throw out something that you can easily repair with Tear Mender?
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