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Tear Mender

6 oz. bottle Case of 12

Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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12/8/2015 by Janet

great product, recommend.



12/6/2015 by Michael

This stuff is great! Thank You.


Great product

9/15/2015 by Jon

I do a fair bit of clothes repurposing and have been trying many products. This is the first that does what it says the way that I want. Very short cure time, dips not get hard and washes well. Just what I was looking for.



9/15/2015 by Jane

I have actually only used this once. I have a skirt that I love, but the front pocket had torn, and the fabric behind it where I could potentially restitch it had frayed terribly. I was about to throw it away when I saw this product. I was able to mend the pocket, and prevent further fraying, and you cannot even tell it has been repaired!! I am thrilled with this product and actually am looking forward to finding other uses!


New life to old favorites

9/15/2015 by Robertajo

This is a lifesaver when you get one of those pesky worn spots in the weave of a favorite item. I fixed a tiny hole that had worn through in the front of my favorite shirt. Just remember that the product dries a slightly tannish color, so use as little as possible. My shirt is a beautiful turquoise and the mend is barely visible. No more puckering when trying to fix things like this! My advice is to use a like fabric when you mend something, so there's no "heavy" feel to it.


Tear Mender

9/14/2015 by Nancy

This is good stuff! Clean up is a breeze and it keeps in tact after laundering.



9/14/2015 by Pat

works well but doesn't dry completely clear


This is Great stuff

9/2/2015 by Don

My last bottle was drying up after having it for four years - it was almost empty anyway. Love this mender. I've never had a patch come apart after many washings and I'm sold on Tear Mender! The small bottle will go in my backpack.



8/24/2015 by g

love this fabric glue. just be careful to use only a dab at a time. it does squish and make a mess if you don't. it hols up on my sons bluejeans thru hot wash and dry cycles!!!!!!!!!!!


tear mender is great

8/1/2015 by Dawn

Great stuff, machine sewing patches on the legs of pants is impossible, and who has time to hand sew.

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The Tear Mender Story

Tear Mender - Liquid Fabric Adhesive

Quick Fix for Rips

One bright side of dire environmental predictions is that we’re all a little less wasteful and more apt to fix, rather than replace, damaged goods.

During the 1930s, Val “the Bish” Cismoski came up with a way to quickly repair canvas belts on steam-powered machinery, so farmers wouldn’t have to lose precious harvesting time to replace a torn belt. Fast-forward 75 years, and we’re putting the same formula to use mending ripped clothes, torn seat cushions and frayed shoelaces.

Tear Mender is a natural and non-toxic liquid adhesive that bonds fabric upon contact. You can apply it like glue on a
tear, or spread it on a fabric patch, and it bonds in minutes. Repaired fabrics stay flexible and soft even after washing, says Jerry Cismoski, (on the left) who is the Bish’s son and runs the third-generation company.

So if you’ve got a dropped hem, a broken belt loop, or a run in the carpet, give Tear Mender a try. It also works great on tears in the seat of your car, damaged sports gear, or rips in a tent (it’s waterproof and UV-resistant). Why throw out something that you can easily repair with Tear Mender?
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