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Tear Mender

6 oz. bottle Case of 12

Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Fantastic product

6/26/2015 by Anne

Used it on two items- a tear on a chair- vinyl, and an outdoor statue. Both are a success. Tried to glue the outdoor statue for years and nothing worked. Happy to have found this product.


Great Product

4/2/2015 by Paula

I have used it to fix hems on skirts and it worked perfect. Any liquid that accidentally got on my fingers just rubbed right off. I have washed the skirts a few times and the hems are still holding. I also tried to use it to reattach a beaded neckline to a shirt. It held but as soon as the seat belt rubbed on it in the car, it came loose again. I'm going to try it again but give it a few days to dry better and see if it works. This product is well worth the money in my opinion.


Perfect Fixer-Upper

3/23/2015 by mary ann

This is a great product ! So far, we have repaired a tear in a down filled duvet, quickly and I can safely take it to the laundromat . There are no longer frayed and curling sneaker laces in our home. Sure that there will be many more applications of this product come Summer.


Great product

3/16/2015 by Charles

I had a several pairs of jeans that the belt loops ripped out and sewing is not my stongsuit. The Tear Mender fixed them perfectly and the loops are still holding strong after several washes and me using them to pull up the pants.


Love it

2/1/2015 by Wendy

Just what I need to shorten a pair of knock around pants- I will be using forever - no more useless sewing!



1/7/2015 by Renee

I've gotten a little plump recently and tore my silk dress along the seam at the hip. Frayed and everything. I really did not have enough material to re-sew, so I thought I would try tear mender instead. OMG incredible it is stronger than if I had renown the seam. I trim the frayed ends. Folded the edges together and applied a line of the tear mender, 10 minutes later it was fixed. You can't tell and I've worn the dress several times since with no problem. Better than renewing.
I just used it today on my dishwashing gloves, worked perfectly. Everyone should have this on hand.


All kinds of uses!

12/23/2014 by Stephanie

I keep thinking of new ways to use this product. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Can be used on different types of fabrics. I'm keeping one at work and one at home. I like the fact that is help you reuse items instead of throwing them away or having to sew them (which isn't always possible)!



12/7/2014 by Bill

WOW that about says it all buy some and you will understand why. If you have ever ripped anything and needed a quick repair. This my friends is your answer.


Awsome stu8ff!

12/3/2014 by George

I love this stuff. it works like a charm and easy cleanup. worth every penny and the delivery was fast!!!


great product

11/20/2014 by craig

Grrate product. I find uses a couple of times a week. Highly recommeded

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The Tear Mender Story

Tear Mender - Liquid Fabric Adhesive

Quick Fix for Rips

One bright side of dire environmental predictions is that we’re all a little less wasteful and more apt to fix, rather than replace, damaged goods.

During the 1930s, Val “the Bish” Cismoski came up with a way to quickly repair canvas belts on steam-powered machinery, so farmers wouldn’t have to lose precious harvesting time to replace a torn belt. Fast-forward 75 years, and we’re putting the same formula to use mending ripped clothes, torn seat cushions and frayed shoelaces.

Tear Mender is a natural and non-toxic liquid adhesive that bonds fabric upon contact. You can apply it like glue on a
tear, or spread it on a fabric patch, and it bonds in minutes. Repaired fabrics stay flexible and soft even after washing, says Jerry Cismoski, (on the left) who is the Bish’s son and runs the third-generation company.

So if you’ve got a dropped hem, a broken belt loop, or a run in the carpet, give Tear Mender a try. It also works great on tears in the seat of your car, damaged sports gear, or rips in a tent (it’s waterproof and UV-resistant). Why throw out something that you can easily repair with Tear Mender?
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