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Tear Mender

6 oz. bottle Case of 12

Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Tear Mender

11/14/2014 by Debbie

This was my first purchase of Tear Mender and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use and how quickly my mending was done.Very happy with this product and would highly recommend this product.


awesome :-)

10/26/2014 by jennifer

This makes minor repairs like unravelling hems a breeze. Wonderful stuff! It is pretty runny though. The first time I used it I ended up with it all over my hands. Wasn't a big deal, however, because it just rubs right off your hands. Now that I know that I am more careful about squeezing the bottle & love this fabric glue!



9/14/2014 by Judy

I love the tear mender it works just like it says it does.

Great product.


Terrific Tear Mender

9/3/2014 by Victor

Upon receiving the Tear Mender, I used it to fix a hole in the pocket of my golf shorts. Carrying golf tees and golf balls around in my pocket made a fairly large hole. I followed the instruction and bonded the two sides of the pocket bottom together and, voila, the pocket was fixed and the shorts usable again. I mended this pocket at least two times with needle and thread. Now we'll see if the Tear Mender is superior to the needle and thread! So far, so good.


Saved my husbands jeans for longer wear.

8/19/2014 by Diane

My husband always wears a hole in his jeans by the right front pocket and I was able to put this on and he got many more months of wear for working than he would have. Definitely good to have on hand.



7/13/2014 by Vivian Linda

I use the product often, and it enabled me to repair the fragile back fabric of an antique chair. There are a gazillion uses for it.


Tear Mender

7/11/2014 by Charlene

I love this! I repaired a belt loop on my son's jeans, a small tear in our living room carpet, my older son is going to use it to repair a pair of shoes, I'm going to repair a tear on the arm of my Jazzy chair! I intend to use this on everything! You don't need a lot to repair anything, it works so well I wish I would have had this years ago!


This stuff is GREAT

7/7/2014 by Chris

This stuff is great. I purchased with no specific use in mind at the time. I thought it might be handy to have around my furniture store in case a repair was needed on a sofa or something. When I got it home I was showing my wife and I remembered an old pair of shorts I use for gardening and such. The pocket was falling off and I had tried to sew it before but it kept ripping. "Bring on the tear mender!" I told my wife that in 3 minutes my shorts would be like new. (She said they could never be like new again) I used it as directed and within three minutes you couldn't pull that pocket of with pliers!! Thanks for a product that works as advertised!



6/25/2014 by Robert

I used the Tear Mender on a denim jacket and it worked perfectly. Thank you to the product's maker !!


Great product

6/24/2014 by Elaine

My husband had torn his brand new shirt and this fixed it in no time!

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The Tear Mender Story

Tear Mender - Liquid Fabric Adhesive

Quick Fix for Rips

One bright side of dire environmental predictions is that we’re all a little less wasteful and more apt to fix, rather than replace, damaged goods.

During the 1930s, Val “the Bish” Cismoski came up with a way to quickly repair canvas belts on steam-powered machinery, so farmers wouldn’t have to lose precious harvesting time to replace a torn belt. Fast-forward 75 years, and we’re putting the same formula to use mending ripped clothes, torn seat cushions and frayed shoelaces.

Tear Mender is a natural and non-toxic liquid adhesive that bonds fabric upon contact. You can apply it like glue on a
tear, or spread it on a fabric patch, and it bonds in minutes. Repaired fabrics stay flexible and soft even after washing, says Jerry Cismoski, (on the left) who is the Bish’s son and runs the third-generation company.

So if you’ve got a dropped hem, a broken belt loop, or a run in the carpet, give Tear Mender a try. It also works great on tears in the seat of your car, damaged sports gear, or rips in a tent (it’s waterproof and UV-resistant). Why throw out something that you can easily repair with Tear Mender?
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