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Absolutely beautiful

5/27/2020 by Carole

My handyman was here when the fireplace arrived and he volunteered to put it together and test the fuel. Well, we both delighted in results and it has become a converation piece on my lanai dining table.Waited for the black finish to be restocked and I am glad I did. Just stunning.


Lovely Fireplace

12/21/2019 by Carolyn

I am thoroughly enjoying this stylish table top fireplace. The set up was extremely easy & fast, the flame is beautiful & mesmerizing and the Grommet ordering process was seamless & accurate. I ordered a second one for my daughter.


Table fireplace

12/9/2019 by Paula

Simple and sleek. Wonderful to watch. Burns clean.


The little things in life...

12/30/2018 by Steven

I took a chance on this as a anniversary gift for my wife as we have a decorative fireplace (non functional) and thought this would be a great fit for it to jazz the space up with ambiance. I’m happy to report it delivers in spades! I followed the recommendations of The Grommet and the Manufacturer and got the Smart Fuel brand fuel and combined with this fireplace, it’s a winner! My wife now loves to sit in the room and read with the fire going and we enjoy sitting and chatting in there as well. Highly recommend this product!


very nice

12/29/2018 by Dan

exactly as advertised, nice looking, well built


It’s perfect!

10/14/2018 by Ariel

We have this outside by our hotub and my boyfriend loves it! It was a great gift and something different. Thank you!


Love the table top fireplace.

6/12/2018 by Judy

I live this table fireplace, the glass sides protect the flame.from the wind, the flame does a wonderful dance of flame. Easy to fill & extinguish.


Great table top fireplace

6/1/2018 by Judy

Wonderful accent to our patio table, the dancing flames are hypnotic, it does give off some heat but not much. Easy to light and extinguish. I wish they would sell a cover when not in use.


cozy in the city!

1/8/2018 by lisa

Who knew we could have the experience of a fire in a small city apartment? This has made everything so cozy. A glass of wine and a movie in front of our tabletop’s the greatest!


Love this for Indoor and Outdoor Use

8/15/2017 by Desmond

Love this for indoor and outdoor use. Amazing how it changes the mood in a space.

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The Anywhere Fireplace Story

Anywhere Fireplace - Ventless Fireplaces

All Fired Up

You never hear about folks curling up beside the radiator or gathering ‘round the space heater. It takes firelight to create ambiance like that. But obviously, not every home has a fireplace. That’s where Anywhere Fireplace, which was founded by Madi Ferencz and her son Peter de Voogd, comes in. With this self-contained unit, you don’t need a chimney or vent to enjoy a warm fire. There’s no gas or electric hookup required either.

The tabletop models include the Lexington, with its high-gloss paint finish; the Metropolitan, which pairs tempered glass and brushed stainless steel; and the Empire,
a dramatic stainless-steel form with polished stones surrounding the flame. Most models burn bio-ethanol fuel, which is made from renewable plant resources and doesn’t give off any smoke, gas, soot, or ash. (One liter of fuel will burn for about 5 hours.) The Empire and Oasis models use a Gel Fuel that imitates the sound of a crackling fire (one can burn for up to 2.5 hours).

What sets these fireplaces apart is how easily (and affordably) they can create the perfect mood for a romantic evening, a gathering of friends, or unwinding after a long day. If you’ve always coveted a fireplace but lack a chimney, this is an elegant, eco-friendly alternative that’s all ambiance, and no fuss.
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