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Apple Certified Bendy USB Cable

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Just the right size

7/14/2018 by Richard

Great cable for the car and my desk top charging unit. I keep one with my portable charger. They reduce the clutter and eliminate the entanglement you get with longer cables. I like the orange color because they are hard to lose.


Love, love, love it!!!

1/7/2018 by Paula

Purchase for hubby that has laptop cords running everywhere and sometimes forgets his phone because it is charging elsewhere. He keeps track of his phone and we have fewer cords running everywhere. Awesome product, can’t be more delighted, what a great idea!


So flexible!

1/2/2018 by Lisa

I really like the short length and it is very flexible.


Great Product

12/28/2017 by Shane

It is great having a shorted cord that is durable


You deserve this convenience!

10/7/2017 by Tracy

This product is convenient, whether you have it in a docking station or throw it into a travel bag. What do I appreciate the most? I no longer have unsightly charging cords all over my kitchen counters! The different colors are fun too!


Works perfect

5/24/2017 by Ikcw

No messy long cables. Love it!


Love the Apple version...

12/20/2016 by Lora

I ordered one for each of my teenage grandchildren (four kids, 4 colors...each one will always know which cord belongs to them), my daughter-in-law, a friend, my husband and myself. I may need more and I wish they made these in a regular USB cable, they would be great for external hard drives on my desk, etc (no cord clutter).
Thanks for offering this very useful product.


Works great

12/2/2016 by Nancy

I was looking for a short, flexible charger cable. This is perfect. Thanks again grommet!



10/20/2016 by Jean

I love it!


banish cable longevity worries

9/27/2016 by Nathan

First of all, thanks for nothing, Apple, on your default cables and shame on you for the ewaste the zillions of faulty and broken ones have generated, foisting the cost onto consumers and our environment knowing full well your iThings cannot function without some sort of Lightning connector.

The dCable is extremely flexible without kinking near the ends: it literally ties into a pretzel knot without creating extreme angles near its connectors! Its silicone coating is substantial giving excellent redistribution of torque against accidental twisting (e.g. laying an iThing upside-down) beyond just bending. It does have a bit of memory for a horseshoe shape but that's also its typical use configuration so it's fine. Fit and finish is excellent and the connectors feel good and sturdy.

The colors leave something to be desired because typical for silicone it gives a desaturated, matte look and the dyes themselves are a bit day-glow, but whatever.

So glad to finally have found a cable worth purchasing! Thanks you, dCables, and thank you, The Grommet!

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The dCables Story

dCables - Short & Durable USB Cables

Bendy power

A ton of design detail goes into our phones and computers. But with the charging cables, not so much. Almost inevitably, kinks and tangles make connections shoddy, and the charger starts to misbehave. Eventually, you end up tossing the junked charging cable and shelling out for another one . . . exactly like it.

Break the cycle. dCables are bendy, short USB cables that are made to last. A thick coating of super-strong, rubbery silicone helps them bend easily and fluidly. It makes so much sense—less stress on the connector housing where most chargers deteriorate.

Also, dCables are a lot shorter
than your typical charger, resulting in fewer tangles, and a lot more options for portable charging. They can stay neatly plugged in, even in your pocket or purse. And you can easily keep several with you.

Finally, cables as smart as the devices they charge.
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