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Great idea!

1/9/2016 by Megan

I use it to keep my backpack off the ground when I stop for lunch. Keeps my pack clean and dry this way. Remarkably lightweight for its strength.



1/5/2016 by Janet

I bought these for stocking stuffers for 20-somethings. They were all discussing various ways to use them, so I think they were a hit. Wish I had gotten one for myself!


Good Gadget

12/29/2015 by Karol

These will be very handy in multiple situations needing clips and/or hooks. Very well made and sturdy



12/26/2015 by Rose

So many uses for this...very sturdy and useable!


Very Cool and Useful

12/23/2015 by MARK

I discovered the Qlipter by exploring Grommet.
I purchased three a gifts and they have gone over well. Great for travelers. I keep one in my travel backpack now. Great to use to actually hang my backpack when I do not want to sit it on the ground(city). I also take one and use it with my photo cases to hang.
Great ideas come out of necessity!
PS. Very high quality construction!!!



12/20/2015 by Michele M

Love it - I keep finding new uses & have not been disappointed.


A great Fireman's tool

12/15/2015 by Cynthia

I bought this for my Rookie Fireman as a gift. He has not received it yet, but after looking at it, I would recommend this as a perfect tool for a fireman to keep with his/her bunker gear. It is tough, but looks very professional and so versatile!! I will also recommend it to our Dive Team, it's such a great idea!!!


Use with service dog

11/23/2015 by Jennifer

I got this clip to use attached to a hand made rope so that I could use it with my service dog in jobs like opening public doors. It is a big enough hook to fir around a door knob (a regular climbing hook is too small) and i can also attach the set to my purse when not in use.


Works great!

10/7/2015 by Florence

I hung it on the passenger seat of my car so I can hook my purse and not watch it fly to the floor when I make a quick stop. It's large enough to also add small packages for the same reason. Love it!


Worth the purchase!

10/4/2015 by John

It actually worked better than I thought it would. Will be purchasing more of these Quilters soon!

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The Qlipter - Carabiner Hook

Unlimited Utility

The HEROCLIP is an infinitely handy hybrid: the functionality of a carabiner combined with a 360º hook. The hook’s thin profile fits into tight spaces while its rubber cap prevents slippage and holds onto thicker surfaces.

Maker Mina Yoo came up with the concept while climbing Mt. Rainier, with nowhere to rest her backpack but the muddy earth. Her hanging tool for keeping gear off the ground turns out to have hundreds of other applications.

Attach a carry-on bag to a suitcase for easy transport. Hang a bicycle in the garage. Keep gym bags off the floor, dirt- and germ-free. Secure a diaper bag
to free up your hands. Clip shopping bags together for faster carrying. Fasten a lantern to a tree at a campsite.

For easy storage, an interior magnet holds the hook securely against the clip. Bring the HEROCLIP along anywhere, because indoors or out, its utility is only limited by your imagination.
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