Smart Pepper Spray

The Plegium Story

Plegium | Smart Pepper Spray

Modern Protection

The idea to innovate tried-and-true pepper spray came to Plegium Makers Henrik Frisk and Carl Ljung from their own experiences. Henrik was the victim of robbery, and Carl was interested in better-protecting his growing children. The duo put their heads together and landed on adding new technology and features to standard pepper spray.

Plegium pepper spray does the spraying job you’d expect, but by pulling the trigger you’re also activating a super-loud safety alarm and a disorienting strobe light. For a more connected experience, the smart spray packs in those functions and also alerts
emergency contacts with a text message and a phone call with your location.

Carl and Henrik’s ultimate goal is to never need these types of safety devices, but until that day comes, their tools work to increase personal safety, and peace of mind, too.
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