Pocket-Sized Duct Tape Case of 10

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Perfect size

11/1/2019 by NC

These are so much easier to use on projects, not to mention all the colours and the ability to throw in a bag when traveling.


Great idea!

9/24/2019 by David

This is a great idea, I keep one in the truck and car and in my tool box for easy access. I don't have to worry about carring a bulky roll of tape around unless I really know I need one. This is great for those unexpected needs. Fits great in a back pocket or a coat pocket. Recommend it to anyone.


Love this.

6/26/2019 by Kathleen

Love this.


I buy these all the time!

3/16/2019 by Holly

They are best for camping, the trunk, and my college age son doesn’t leave the house without two of them. ANYTHING that tears, breaks, needs repairing at all, he whips it out and his friends are shocked and grateful. When he pulls a pack out of his jacket, the “kidults” are dumbfounded and amazed! I dare say this producer has made him the”popular” kid on campus in a large know, like the kid who always has gum?)
I’m for anything useful that takes up less room, I even keep one in my own purse for “that’ll fix it” moments. :)


Great idea

2/16/2019 by Spike

Nice to be able to take some along on a trip just in case.


Very handy

10/20/2018 by juli

Great to throw in a purse or back pack or keep in a car. I've not had a lot of times to use these yet, but I am so glad to have them in a bag when I need them. Very, very handy.


Great for camping

5/15/2018 by Chris

This is my favorite Grommet purchase. I have a pack in the kitchen junk drawer, the car, the camper, a toolbox, etc. I love that I can have duct tape on hand without sacrificing valuable space.


Ready when you need it

3/17/2018 by Denise

Handy pocket sized/purse sized, ready when you need it



11/25/2017 by Linda

I have not used it yet but I love the way it fits in my purse. I use duct tape all the time.


Great for a trip

9/23/2017 by Pat

This tape is great for packing in a suitcase or taking along in a backpack. Ready to fix whatever needs fixing, wherever you are!

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The RediTape Story

Duct tape that fits in your pocket.

Travel Tape

Duct tape is a household essential, but that big bulky roll doesn’t exactly travel—or even store—well. Thankfully RediTape has created pocket-friendly, travel duct tape that’s flattened to fit anywhere easily. It’s the same ultra-strong, multi-functional, quick-fix tool that we all know and love but smaller and more convenient to have on hand.

RediTape’s Jay Kolb is a duct tape devotee, but found the big cardboard roll a drawback. Jay felt that something as versatile as duct tape should be easier to keep on hand—or even in a pocket.

Pocket duct tape fits neatly into pockets, backpacks, bags,
and the glove compartment. And the slim, low-profile design fits better in the usual spots like the kitchen drawer, tool box, or workbench.

Now the tried and true problem solver can do the jobs it always has—whether you’re crafting, DIY-ing, or making a quick fix—pretty much anywhere.
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